So problem happened to me. I'm 2020 UltraPak, user, Mac.

On Styles Charts, there is an option of

Other - "show all styles that are found/not found" - "show all styles including n/a styles"

by choosing this option, I should have 7,642 styles, however, only 5,272 styles are available.

For the "not available" styles, I'm able to listen to the demo, that means the .m4a file exist. For example, I'm gonna use "-500 WATT" which is perfect for "Mary has a little lamb" of SRV, but when I click "OK" to use, 3 out of 4 tracks are not available but the drums track.

So anyone inside or outside PG can tell me what had happened? I even reinstall the relative sets, that didn't work. I don't know where have the disappeared tracks gone... Need help, thank you in advance.
MacBook Pro 2020/Cubase 10.5/Komplete 12 Ultimate/SpecSonic KeyScape