Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your quick response like always.

A) I did checked the Preference of the RealTracks, everything fine, just leave the "custom RealTracks Folder" as unchecked, since I installed all BIAB in the internal HardDrive.

B) I checked the RealTracks Picker, as I mentioned on the previous thread, only 5272 out of 7642 are available. For the Styles including RealTracks and RealTracks with MIDI, supposed to have 4942, but 2305 of them contains N/A tracks.

So not all RealTracks were missing, just part of them. The reason seems like various, mostly of ST2 missing.

Hopefully I made sense.
MacBook Pro 2020/Cubase 10.5/Komplete 12 Ultimate/SpecSonic KeyScape