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Yea… I rode the Win/Android clown car for years. Never again.

Same. The amount of troubleshooting I have to do for Windows audio settings and issues working here at PG is unbelievable compared to Mac, and this has generally been my experience in the past the few times I've used Windows for some sort of music app.

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Realistically though, Apple isn't gonna change how they operate unless we all vote with our wallets, and I know most of us won't.


We absolutely do vote with our wallets. My iMac Pro is a bargain. For some of my work, the other choice was a $50k Maya Box running Win10. Since no one is paying me to run Windows anymore and it’s my dime, I bought what does the job best. I knock out 2–6 projects a week making music and video. When Time=$$$, the bottom line is very important to me.[/quote]

Oh I agree, the iMac Pro is the best hardware for the job. My Mac Pro is the best hardware for the job. That's why we won't (or can't) vote with our wallets, as we either can't afford alternatives for specific tasks or we don't want to switch back to Windows - thus we get stuck with whatever Apple decides, such as removing 32-bit support, and eventually removing all non-ARM support.
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