Honey Babe

ReggaBillyFunk? A traditional bluegrass/folk tune with the melody dating to the 18th century and zillions of lyric variations. Thanks for checking it out and comments are appreciated and welcomed!

Shoutouts to PG Music and PeterF for the fun factor smile

Janice: Lead vocal, harmony vocals, arrangement and percussion (cajon)
Peter: Guitar solos, “organ” solos riffs/fills via Helix Emulator on guitar and arrangement
Bud: Mix, vocal/cajon engineering, mastering, arrangement and photo.

Tech stuff for those so inclined.

Drums: RealDrums Reggae Classic (all kicks removed) > Waves CLA Drums
Crash cymbal > Waves CLA Drums
BiaB Loops PAK: World Drums Acoustic Reggae > Waves CLA Drums
Cajon 1 (Janice): Sound hole mic > Waves CLA Drums
Cajon 2 (Janice): Ambient mic > Waves CLA Drums
Handclaps 1 > 140 EMT Plate Reverb sim
Handclaps 2 > 140 EMT Plate Reverb sim

Bass: RealTrack 1157 Electric, Reggae > Waves Bass Rider > Neutron 3
Piano: RealTrack 1160 Acoustic, Rhythm Reggae > Waves CLA Unplugged
Guitar Rhythm: RealTrack 1158 Electric, Rhythm Reggae

Vocal Tracks: Nectar 3, Waves CLA Vocals and Logic Pro EQ

Mastering: Ozone 9 EQ > Ozone 9 Multi-band compression > Ozone 9 Imager > Ozone 9 Limiter > Tonal Balance 2 > Logic Pro Loudness Meter

© 2021 Trad Arr B. Merritt, J. Merritt & P. Fulham
(a public domain tune for which we own all rights to our interpretation)

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