When adding Real Track -2495 Piano, Electric, HeldChords 120 to a composition I noticed, that Sustained chords were silenced - for instance Asus (Asus4) - though A2 was playing normally.

Not having the problem with MIDI tracks - I began head scratching a bit (I do that a lot - though I still have plenty of grey'ish hair to scratch).

After trying to play around with various settings, I found that Track Setting - re-interpreted chords was the problem - it need to be set to Off! And then the laziness of the piano player disappeared smile

Is that an expected and desired behavior of this function - to skip chords? Usually you have chords in your arrangement for an obvious reason, and for being played by each member of the "band".

Progression was:
Em x2/D/Asus
Em x2/D/A2

I have also noticed, that if you export Real Track to MIDI while using Hold Chord or Shot, these informations are not part of the MIDI export, but here it doesn't help tampering with the re-interpreted chords setting.

Either some strings of code are missing or has gone into lockdown
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