Hi Forum friends,
I haven’t checked in for a while but here is a new song from me called:
The title relates to what I wish I was doing rather than what I have been doing.
It’s a cruisy little instrumental, featuring piano lead, guitar accompaniment, bass and drums
RealTracks featured are:
RT2959:Bass, Acoustic, SmoothPoppyNeil Ev16 090 (Neil Swainson)
RealDrums-NashBrushBalDbKE (Brian Fullen)
RT2200:Guitar, Nylon, Background CountryBrent Ev 085 (Brent Mason)
I wrote the piano arrangement, as well as the middle bass part from 2 min 14 sec until 2 min 36 sec.
I also programmed the accompanying guitar tracks using Native Instruments' “Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic”.
I hope you enjoy it. As always, your comments, criticism, praise and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.
Mike Garry
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