Hey Guys,

I've had this track laying around for over a year waiting for the right lyric to come along...this morning I was thinking and praying and these thoughts came to me so this became my project for today (actually yesterday now)...the track is old enough that I don't have the original BiaB tracks on my computer anymore...it's a Brent Mason acoustic track (probably the campfire acoustics) Nashville Ev 8 drum beat and country bass and I added some piano. I have nothing better to write about and I mean there's nothing better to write about than My Savior and my Friend.

BiaB 2022, Steinberg Cubase Pro 11, Wavelab 10, SpetraLayers Pro 7, Audacity, UR44 Interface, Yamaha Genos, Roland FP60, Windows 10

You are who you are because you do what you do because of what you believe.