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Great, nuanced singing from Janice - as she always does. The reggae background is wonderful, too ... the guitar playing is perfect for this kind of track. I didn't know the tune (what's new there? haha), but the interpretation is top-notch. Production is crisp and clear to my ears. In short: a great job from everyone involved - you always set a high standard bar and meet or exceed it every single time. Well done!


We’ve enjoyed the occasional foray into reggae over the years.


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Hi Janice & Bud,

I really liked this song - lovely hypnotic rhythm.

Vocals - perfect for this song.

Instruments - all good.

Claps - unexpected claps on beat 3 when I expected them on beat 2. Is this typical for Reggae music?

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards

We appreciate your thoughts Nigel and are glad you liked it.

We added the handclaps to beat three as it seemed to accentuate the reggae rhythm ... at least within this project. From our somewhat limited reggae listening I don’t know if it typically done. Like Dylan said it seemed like a good idea at the time. smile

Thanks again!

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