Hi Janice, Bud and Peter.

Before this I came across your version of this song, I'd never heard it. Wow! This is so awesome.

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Superlatives could be flying around everywhere in these comments. That's all I can think of at the moment.

Since you posted this, I've listened to it a number of times and not once has the song sounded tired. The familiarity that I now feel for it is the same familiarity that I feel for evergreens such as "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home", "Basin Street", "St Louis Blues", etc. What you've all done is incredibly good.

I have to say that my headphones were very, very happy after listening to this.

Everything, and I seriously mean every single thing, is as professional sounding as the very best music I've heard.

► Bud's arrangement is superb. The style works so-o-o-o-o well. It's actually a stroke of genius to think about creating a reggae-blues-hillbilly-funk work. Just brilliant. In fact, it's probably unique!

► The mix is fun, warm and extremely inviting.

► Peter's guitar work, and organ(?) work, is a perfect fit. I can't imagine the song without it.

► Janice's vocals are extraordinary. The "comfort factor" that I feel when I listen to her singing is like sitting in front of a log fire on a cold winter's night—feet up, head back, eyes closed. And those backing vocals... What can I say? "Super superb" just scratches the surface of how good they are.

All in all...

I suppose it's no surprise that I really, really loved listening to this smile

All the best to everyone,