you seem to be having so many problems with RB can we ask about your set up?

how much RAM?
what processor?
what audio interface if any
what sound card?

did you take onboard rharv's points about not using RB like BIAB? how are you muting various bars?

are yuo recording mixer moves on individual tracks?
are you using volume nodes?
are you entering values in the event list of each track using F2?

key frame is a term i'm not familiar with, i do know mixer move, event list volume change, volume node etc but in the context of RB key frame doesn't mean anything to me. the term does not appear in the manual index.

just what are trying to do and how are you doing it? the fact that it does not work when so many of us achieve the mix we want tends to suggest your process is not working - not the program.

and why are you trying to render trakcs? waht do you want to do with them? if you are exporting to another DAW why not use the BIAB plugin to start with? or export the BIAB song direct to the DAW you want to use?

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