Uncle Paul.
i hear you.
one of the reasons i exited tech was need for a simpler life and to spend much more time with my lovely wife and my music.
i wasnt in anything to do with music software.
but in a typical large organisation with large complex operational system environments if a system crashes, everyone from the ceo (who doesnt have a clue often bout tech but wants systems implemented in 3 months that should take 3 years) down to the large number of end users are on the back of the systems and tech people.

who then move on to an org that realises large systems implementations DO in fact take 3 years lol. !
the other aspect often is that because large organisations have problems recruiting certain very rare tech disciplines ; the people they DO recruit are often overworked and highly stressed.
you have no idea paul the crazy stories i could relate from my time in tech. whether big systems development or small.

thus i DO have a degree of sympathy paul for developers like pg.
because as a developer one is always bound by the base tech platform one is working on and its limitations.

frankly i laugh when i see many mac/pc debates on various recording forums. because the truth is every platform has its plusses and minuses.
the other day i was checking out the raspberry pi platform in much more detail and its plusses and minuses just for giggles and how developers work on it etc cos i like to root for the underdog lol. ! and well i'm a nerd at heart lol. and i'm interested how traction waveform and reaper
and other software is working on the pi 4 which i think might become a competitive threat once the processor moves up to 3ghz plus etc.

yesterday i added up the number of settings in a typical recording daw rig paul. i added up a minimum of 50 or more i think it was between the daw host settings and plug in settings and sound card settings and windows settings etc etc . so obviously users new to setting up a recording rig are often befuddled.
thus my request for CLARITY and a set of rules that new users can be pointed to via easy step by step pg videos.
because i like to see pg do well. and because their products help musicians create songs.

frankly paul the only way to solve this issue is all music software and hardware devs need to come together to define common protocols/standards. but then of course it might get stifled, as these things often are by bureaucracy lol.

been there done that oldmuso.

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