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I thought it looked really interesting, then I saw the price. $1199. eek

Way too rich for my blood.



No it's not. RX8 Standard is normally $399 but goes on sale all the time ($149 ended last week) and is included in many of iZotope's bundles. The best deal I know right now: Buy RX Elements for $19, then upgrade to Standard for $269.

RX8 at Sweetwater

RX8 Advanced is $1,199 and is often bundled in ways that lowers the price by a lot. At that same link you'll see a couple of ways to get it for less. Feel free to reach out to me—I might know a couple more.

The big differences:

8 is a plug or stand-alone with a number of modules that you use or don't, rearrange as you need etc.

With 8A, each module is a separate plugin and it usually more tweakable. There are additional plugs and functions that come in handy if doing sound and dialog for film. Though I've been an Advanced user since v.2, with 7 & 8, it is rare that music producers need it over Standard (not true through version 6).

Both versions will also install a standalone iZotope RX 8 Audio Editor.app (same name Standard or Advanced). This has some functionality not found in the plugs. Certain audio repair can only be done in the app.

It's a good idea to get on iZotope's mailing list so that when sales come around, you can jump on them.
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