I am trying to understand Stylemaker. I have watched an ancient (7 years ago) video on YT about it that says that I can open the Stylemaker, choose bass, click on one of the patterns, hit the Play button in Stylemaker, and I will hear that pattern repeated over and over (along with the other instruments), over two bars. The video demonstrates this and yeah, it's just that one pattern repeating.

That's now what I've gotten. First, if I just start a new song, and then open Stylemaker, choose a pattern and hit Play, I get nothing at all. If I first play the new song (which apparently generates one bar in C), stop it, then click on Stylemaker's Play button...I hear the song. Not a single pattern, but the whole song. Same if I open a song I've been working on. No matter what instrument and pattern I select in the Stylemaker, when I hit the Stylemaker play button (or hit F4), I just hear the song play.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?