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Band-in-a-Box works great in Windows 11!

This is no good ! haven't they learnt anything from Apple ?
You must screw it up so previous software will no longer work and all software developers on planet Earth will need to work overtime weeks/months on end to get their apps to work on the new OS.
My God, you don't want this getting out to Mac users they will be shocked and wonder what on Earth is going on. Nah, this couldn't be right !
Just imagine if Mac worked like this, both programs would be way ahead in development as PG would not be spending valuable development weeks/months wasted for each new Mac OS update/upgrade trying to get it working because of what dumbass Apple does to stop apps from working anymore.

I think they're saving that for when they drop Windows 13 next year. No Windows 12, just straight on to 13 for good luck. crazy

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How about RealBand?

RealBand seems to be working fine as well, as does the BB plugin. I'm still doing some testing and will create another short video for each at some point soon.

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I have followed the link to see compatibility, But it says coming soon ?.

Windows 11 is currently in Beta/Pre-release, so it is not officially available quite yet.

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Don't get me started on those darn dongles, they are great aren't they, go out to do a job and forget your dongle and you're stuffed thank God for Reaper and you get the gig recorded.

Thankfully Pro Tools no longer requires a physical iLok and can be authenticated via the cloud - though this requires an active internet connection at all times. I'm out of the loop on other programs though, so I don't know if others like Cubase still require a hardware E-licenser.

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Also, I am probably not alone being in a financial situation to buy a new MB.

That's absolutely true, not to mention that not everyone wants to upgrade - I have a perfectly good 6-core i7 desktop that won't run Windows 11, only because my Asus P9X79-Pro motherboard doesn't have TPM built in. I could upgrade the CPU and Ram to a 12-core Xeon and 64gb ram and it would absolutely fly, but still won't officially run Windows 11 (unless I can find one of the TPM add-on chips for it).

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Don't be disheartened and give up as there is always hope if hack01.0 don't work there will be a hack02.0. Where there is a will there is a way and I would say there are millions of wills out there, so if users want to use Win11 on old hardware they will.
ps. you don't just upgrade Win10 without having a clone to fall back on.

Both are very good points, though from my technical support standpoint we suggest not upgrading to Windows 11 unless your hardware supports it, as there could be many unforeseen issues that could prevent BIAB and other audio apps from working properly.
I work here