I have 3 guitars. One electric for gigging, another similar one for a backup, and an archtop acoustic/electric for when I don't want to plug a guitar in to practice or learn a new song.

Two tenor saxophones.

Two no longer in production wind controllers.

And so on.

I am not a collector. The way I see it, there is wrong with collectors or collections, it's just not for me.

I gig with my instruments, they are simply tools to get the music I want to produce from me to the audience.

Since I make my living doing music and nothing but music, each new purchase means a cut in pay. If it leads to more pay in the future, it's an investment, if it is just to look pretty and doesn't pay for itself, it is income money lost.

By the time I'm done with an instrument, it's usually quite worn. When I buy a new one, I sell the old if it is worth the trouble, if not, I just donate it to a music student. I've given away a few guitars and saxes in my time on the planet. I admit, it's a selfish act, as it makes me feel good to help a young musician.

Now PianoBilly, I see one thing wrong with that 'wall of sound' you posted. There are no saxophones hanging on the wall. That's "speciesistic" if you ask me laugh

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