Yes, all HDMI ports work, ( both on GPU and on the MB) and Win recognizes three monitors. It will only duplicate on two monitors. It did screw up the monitor settings but I can fix that.

It will let me run an animation program on my tablet while looking at other stuff duplicated on the other two monitors. I want independent control of all three.

Using the DAW software everything works more or less as needed but it would be better to be able to extend monitors two and three.

I am sure there must be some add-on software to make all this less of an issue.

Finding the mouse curser is


EDIT: I have it all figured out. Here is a photo that may make it clear what I am trying to do. Also a short audio clip. The main monitor is on the desk but I need one over the keyboard also. I want to play both the main keyboard and the mini at the same time.


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