Using BIAB 2021 (840)

So I pulled up a song to work on it and find a good style to use.
Found a style and loaded it into the song. Played just fine in the Key of F.

Did a transpose using the screen transpose function, moved the Key from F to C in the First column to set key AND transpose. Chords on screen all changed to the key of C. Generated the Song, but playback continues in Key of F. Tried the Edit Menu: Transpose function using semitones. Same result, no transpose but chord signatures correct. Song has no Melody and only 4-5 tracks used on the Mixer to support the style and no User Tracks or Audio tracks other than the RealTrack Style. Tried several other styles but no change.

Pulled up two different songs, transposed just fine. Exited BIAB and restarted but same result/problem. Changed the style to a simple all MIDI style to rule out possible RealTrack issue. Won't transpose.

So appreciate some troubleshooting guidance on what to check or how to resolve this one song to transpose from F to C, (short of just setting up a new song and retyping all the chords in the Key of C).

It feels like some setting is locking in the key and preventing a transpose?

Oh... I realize there is an 844 update available, but using the BIAB Help Menu "Check for Updates" option, it says that my BIAB is up to date.

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