My wish is likely not even possible.

I would love to have the chord view and the track view be in lock step, so if I go into chord view and add 8 blank bars at bar 47 the software also adds 8 blank bars in track view.

Now I can hear at least 17 people saying "You can just add them yourself and enter your chords and regenerate just those bars." I am aware. I do that now. I just don't want to HAVE to do that.

Cutting and pasting sections is a MESS because of those 2 views not being in lock step. Early on in my PG life I wanted to switch A and B sections of a song. I cut the A section, pasted it below the working tracks, then cut the B, pasted in where the A used to be, then cut the original A from the buffer location and put it where the B used to be. Was the mistake I made was not realizing that the chord chart had not changed to correspond and I hit generate on a section and the whole song became garbage at that point and I had to start over.


I doubt that this is even possible. But I can dream, right? Just like I dream I was rich instead of good lookin'!
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