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Band-in-a-Box 2012 for Windows

Band-in-a-Box 2012 for Windows® is here with over 50 cool new features!

We’ve been busy and just added some great new features and new RealTracks to Band-in-a-Box! Band-in-a-Box 2011 and 2011.5 delivered over 100 new features, and 202 new RealTracks – now Band-in-a-Box Version 2012 adds 101 more RealTracks and over 50 exciting new features!

We've just released 101 more amazing RealTracks for Jazz, Rock-Pop & Country. Since version 2011, there are 202 more RealTracks available. Combined, there are now over 870 RealTracks (hundreds of hours of recordings) available for you to add to your arrangements.

We’ve added VST synth support for each track, so you can have multiple synths playing on your songs. You can also use VST Audio Plug-ins (reverb, delay etc.) on each track. Customize over 150 of the Guitar based RealTracks with the new Guitar Amp Simulator (AmpliTube CS). We include “Direct Input” (clean signal) Guitar RealTracks for these, so all of the added effects come from the Guitar Amp Simulator. Listen to our Band-in-a-Box AmpliTube Demos.

We’ve added “Loops” support, so you can add your own, or 3rd party loops to any Band-in-a-Box track. The “BB Remote” app for iPhone, iPad, Android has been updated with new features. There’s a Simpler RealTracks setting that makes the RealTracks play a less busy or embellished arrangement. You can add MIDITracks individually now, simply select your favorite MIDITrack from any style to any track of your current song. EZ selection of “DrumGrooves” has been added, which are different grooves within drum styles. And more…

We’ve also added 101 NEW RealTracks (Sets 137-154), with amazing Jazz, Pop, and Country Styles. These include:

  • Jazz RealTracks: Dixieland full band with tuba/ banjo and soloists, Jazz Funk (Jeff Lorber, Alex Al), Fusion Guitar soloing (Carlos Arellano), Bossa Organ and Piano (Mike LeDonne), Solo Guitar Accompaniment (Oliver Gannon).
  • Country RealTracks: Pedal Steel Soloing (CMA winner Paul Franklin), 6 new guitar soloing and accompaniment RealTracks recorded by Nashville guitar legend Brent Mason, Praise And Worship “Promise” band, Drivin’ 8ths full band, Bluegrass Waltz
  • Pop/Rock RealTracks: Texas Blues soloing and rhythm with guitar masters Sol Philcox and Brent Mason, Rock Piano (CMA winner John Jarvis), Soul (full band), Pop 16ths medium (full band), Pop Ballad 16ths (full band).

Plus Important Features added in version 2011.5 (released July 2011), including

  • Mixer window, allowing you to quickly set volumes, panning, reverb, tone and patches.
  • “BB Remote” an app for iPhone/iPad and Android for use with your desktop version of Band-in-a-Box 2011.5. BB Remote is a remote control to choose/play/mix songs on the desktop version.
  • RealTracks enhancements, including support for Pedal Bass, a “Same But Different” feature smoother playing in waltzes and better pushes and more simple variations.
  • “Web Demo” button, which plays a streaming demo from the web.
  • 101 RealTracks, including:
    • Jazz (Jazz Funk, Gypsy Jazz Waltz/Ballads, Organ soloing, and “no-bass” organ, NY Piano and Solo Accompaniment Guitar)
    • Pop (Soul, Celtic Hornpipes/Slip jigs, Basses, Crossover, Pop Waltz)
    • and Country (Pedal Steel soloing – Paul Franklin, Brent Mason Guitar, Praise and Worship Believe/Power, Country Swing Piano/Fiddle)

More details about the new features in: Band-in-a-Box 2012  |   RealBand 2012 |   Band-in-a-Box 2011.5  |   RealBand 2011.5

Band-in-a-Box 2011.5 has 20 new features and enhancements since 2011!

There were over 50 new features added in Band-in-a-Box 2011, and now version 2011.5 delivers 20 more! These include a new Mixer Window, a Remote Control iPhone app, RealTracks enhancements, StylePicker enhancements, plus 101 NEW RealTracks!

BB screenshot

Floating Mixer Window

We've added a new Mixer window, allowing you to quickly set volumes, panning, reverb, tone and patches. The Mixer floats on top of the current window, so you can place it wherever it's convenient to make quick and easy adjustments to your Band-in-a-Box track settings. To open the Mixer window, you can click on the Mixer button on the toolbar, choose Windows menu | Mixer Window or use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+M.

"BB Remote" iPhone app

The BB Remote app available from the iTunes App Store can be used as a remote control for your desktop version of Band-in-a-Box 2011.5 for Windows. You may want to be somewhere else other than sitting at your PC as you play songs. For example, you might want to sit at the piano, or at your music stand, or be sitting on the couch with your guitar in hand. The BB Remote app installs to your iPhone (via the iPhone app store), and then connects to the desktop version of Band-in-a-Box for Windows 2011.5. The app has different screens, accessible by "swiping" the screen to the left/right, including a main Chords Window, Conductor Window (for live control of BB), and a Mixer Window.

Note: There is another application for iPhone that we make, called "Band-in-a-Box for iPhone", that lets you generate new songs – with the sound coming from the iPhone - and it isn't a remote control like this one. With the remote control, the sounds come from the desktop version.
More about Band-in-a-Box for iPhone >>

RealTracks Enhancements

  • "Same-But-Different RealTracks" ensures that, if you have 2 (or more) of the same RealTracks on different tracks, that they will never play the same thing at the same time. If they did, it would cancel each other out and it would sound like one person.
  • Pedal Bass is now supported for RealTracks.
  • Bigger Soloists are supported. Some of our soloists have more riffs than previous RealTracks, so they sound better. These soloists require Band-in-a-Box 2011.5 to work.
  • Better pushes in RealTracks, especially over songs with chord changes every 2 beats. These are the natural pushes that occur automatically (not the ones you get by putting ^ carets before chord names)
  • RealTracks Waltzes are improved; better playing when there are 2 chords per bar, and better endings.
  • Better endings when there are time signature changes in the song.
Jazz RealTracks

101 New RealTracks

32 Jazz RealTracks! Including...

  • Groovin' Jazz Funk - features a groove that sits right in the pocket, with drums, electric bass, electric guitar, electric piano, and alto sax. 9 individual RealTracks styles in all.
  • Gypsy Jazz Latin - features 6 new Gypsy Jazz styles playing an up-tempo Latin groove to add to your collection.
  • Gypsy Jazz Waltz - features the big name players in the world of modern Gypsy Jazz, playing uptempo waltz styles.
  • More Swingin' Jazz Guitar with Oliver Gannon - 5 new RealTracks styles with a Classic Jazz Electric Guitar tone.
  • More Swingin' Piano & Organ with Mike LeDonne - The organ works over the whole tempo spectrum, from slow ballads to fast bop, and you have the choice of using the traditional jazz organ technique of having the bass played on the organ, or you can choose instead to have the organ stick to comping only.
Rock RealTracks

37 New Pop/Rock/Folk RealTracks!

  • 70s Soul - features a full RealTracks band of electric bass, drums, electric guitar, piano, and synth
  • Celtic Hornpipes & Slipjigs, including a traditional Irish Bodhran hand drum. The Hornpipe is a stately swing 8ths groove, similar to a Reel, but at a slower tempo. A slipjig, is a quicker paced 9:8 style, like a jig, but with 3 extra 8th notes at the end of each bar. Common styles in the Celtic repertoire
  • More Pop-Rock Bass - 5 new electric bass RealTracks styles that blend beautifully with many of our previously-released RealTracks.
  • Crossover Pop - Includes Banjo, Electric Guitar, Piano, and some RealDrums styles.
  • Fast Pop Waltz - Wide range of instruments: Electric Bass, Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, and Acoustic Piano.
Country RealTracks

32 New Country RealTracks!

  • Pedal Steel Country Soloing with Paul Franklin - features Pedal Steel soloing over 3 very common Country grooves.
  • More Country Soloing with Country legend Brent Mason - all the solos have "RealCharts" which means you can see exactly what Brent is playing in notation, TAB, and on the on-screen guitar fretboard.
  • Praise & Worship Power - features a pumping groove that can be used in P&W, rock, or country settings.
  • Praise & Worship Believe - includes a full band of RealTracks, with electric bass, 2 rhythm guitars, acoustic piano, synth pad, drums, and electric guitar soloist.
  • More Swingin' Country - includes solid electric bass, acoustic piano which locks in with the bass, fast western swing fiddle, and some swingin', gritty electric guitar.

More enhancements in Band-in-a-Box 2011.5!

You can now audition a style in the StylePicker without changing your existing arrangement, by using the "WebDemo" button, which plays a streaming demo from the web. For example, if you see a style like _JSWINGG "Jazz Swing w/ Electric Guitar", you can hear what it sounds like without loading in the style. This is useful because you hear an audio demo of a good example of the style in action. It is also useful because it can demo a style that you don't have, or you can compare to make sure that yours sounds the same as it is supposed to sound.

StylePicker filter added. Display styles if RealTracks are not present. You may want to not display styles if the RealTracks for the styles are not present on your system. This filter allows you to hide or show these styles.

RealDrums can now be chosen from the RealTracks Picker. Pressing the [RD] (RealDrums) button on the RealTracks Picker (Assign RealTracks to Tracks dialog) allows you to select a RealDrums, rather than needing to a separate dialog for that. The current RealDrums set in use is now displayed on the RealTracks Picker.

When [Save Style] is pressed in the RealTracks Picker the current drum volume will also apply to the style. Also, the RealTracks Picker can be chosen from the Drums radio button right-click menu.

Drum Styles button in RealDrums Picker enhanced. It now shows more styles, including all styles that use that particular Real Drum style, including RealStyles and MIDI styles.

Guitar Tutor enhancements. If copying a Guitar Tutor part to Melody or Soloist track, the track type now gets auto-set to the correct tab and fretboard. So if you are using a ukulele tutor, you can copy and see the tab for ukulele chords.

Selecting a new style won't necessarily wipe out song based RealTracks/Drums selections. If you hold down the Shift key when loading a style (from any style selection dialog), then the currently selected RealTracks and RealDrums won't get wiped out. If you load a new style (without holding Shift as above), this wipes out any song-selected RealTracks and RealDrums (unless Shift is held). Now, after loading the style, you can choose Undo, and the previous RealTracks and RealDrums come back. In the StylePicker, if you choose override drums while in the StylePicker, this won't wipe out the RealDrums when you load the style.

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