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Jump to new posts Re: Carry My Soul by Scott C @ Yesterday at 06:46 PM

Well done David. I got the Bruce Springsteen vibe on this tune as well. Cool lyric and vocal.
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Jump to new posts Re: ♫ Accidental Lovers by Scott C @ Yesterday at 06:44 PM

Cool groove on this song. Very cool vocal and lyric. Loved the chord progressions. Well done
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Jump to new posts Re: Tripwire (Spirit Level) by Scott C @ Yesterday at 06:42 PM

Thanks everyone for checking out the song. We really appreciate it. We are glad you liked it
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Jump to new posts Re: Fool Who Fell In Love by Tangmo @ Yesterday at 06:26 PM

Sweetly heavy backing. All those rhythm instruments played so well together, and the vocals joined in convincingly. Nice cool-down and ramp back up. Peter's guitars gave that extra voice to the band. Much enjoyed this.
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Jump to new posts Re: Abstellen des mitlaufenden Balkens by Ember - PG Music @ Yesterday at 06:16 PM

Hallo Bibo, Es gibt zwar keine Möglichkeit, dies auszuschalten, aber es gibt eine Problemumgehung. Sie können Ihre Anzeigeeinstellungen unter Optionen | aufrufen Einstellungen und gehen Sie dann zu Anzeigen. Von hier aus können Sie versuchen, die Farbe der Zellenwiedergabe und des Zellentextes so zu ändern, dass sie so aussehen, als würden beim Vorrücken der Leiste keine Änderungen vorgenommen. Wir hoffen das hilft! Vielen Dank, Glut --- While there isn't a way to turn this off, ther
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Jump to new posts Re: The Rhythm of the Road by Tangmo @ Yesterday at 06:16 PM

Y'all can really cook in minor. I approve of your choices. Great fun listens.
Jump to new posts Re: DAY JOB? by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 06:12 PM

Eddie, Just thinking out loud here; how many times a week do you think you'd trump out to the building after one or more of those lake effect snowfalls ya'll get in the wintertime? I'd be thinking of renovating one of your existing music rooms. Maybe repainting, adding more lava lamps, a disco ball, ferns, whatever gets you excited about one of the rooms again. Could be as simple as just getting a new desk and chair.
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Jump to new posts Re: Master volume with external MIDI renderer (SD1000) by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 05:59 PM

Gordon, If your using RealTracks in your song there are two settings that may help. Use Ctrl + E to open the Preference Settings then select the RealTracks button. The two settings highlighted may be helpful. Also, there is a setting in Song Settings that may be helpful. Entering a negative value lowers the song volume while a positive value raises volume.
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Jump to new posts Re: Up Funk by CaptainMoto @ Yesterday at 05:26 PM

Originally Posted By: TuneMongerGreat vox and guitar! The lyrics were a bit wordy for me but I was able to keep up. ; ) Excellent work! Thanks for giving that a listen, I'll cut back on the lyrics next time Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeWell, that was different! Video was fun, and I love that funky rhythm guitar. Nice tasty lead fills happening there too. Good stuff, Captain! Thanks, I really like funk playing but do it rarely....I need to work on that. Originally Posted By: ja
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Jump to new posts Re: That's My Heart by Ezekiel's Storm @ Yesterday at 04:54 PM

Darn good stuff. Shame they didn't pick it up. Excellent vocal performances. Your production sounds like an authentic band.
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Jump to new posts Re: Up Funk by Ezekiel's Storm @ Yesterday at 04:49 PM

That was cool and awesome. What a production! Everything sounds authentic. Great vocal work. And the video was most enjoyable. Right on, right on, right on!
Jump to new posts Two songwriting/music track competitions with no entrance fees by Mike Halloran @ Yesterday at 04:35 PM

I have a low opinion of any music or writing contest that requires a purchase or fee to enter. You know that, whoever benefits, it's not the musicians who actually do the work. Sponsored contests, however, can provide a nice experience using tools incl. BIAB that you happen to have lying about the home or studio. These both arrived in my email this morning. Win or lose, the act of entering is a good chance to hone your skills. In both cases, the deadlines are coming up soon and that presents ch
Does this have extra meaning? What ain't you telling us? You have lots of friends here ..
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Jump to new posts Re: The Rhythm of the Road by PeterF @ Yesterday at 03:41 PM

Dave Some stellar melodic playing on this and Marty & your Rhythm guitars propel the song forward in sync with the lyric. Nicely done all round and the mix sounds good. Catchy chorus. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Beach of love by bluage @ Yesterday at 03:41 PM

Hello, Derochette... The title of this instrumental composition, 'Beach of Love', certainly evokes the kind of fresh-air, surf and sun experience that a romantic rendevous on a beach would conjure up. Everything in your track works flawlessly to achieve this ambience: the relaxing tempo, the sensitive dialogue between the guitar and the mandolin, and the slow, tidal movement of the strings section accompanied by the wordless, spiritually soothing choir voices. Music such as this seems to slow
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Jump to new posts Re: Never Let You Go by 90 dB @ Yesterday at 03:11 PM

Originally Posted By: vicarnThat is a love song, Bob. No complications and easy on the ear. Nice. Vic Vic, Thanks for the kind words. Regards, Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Never Let You Go by 90 dB @ Yesterday at 03:10 PM

Originally Posted By: F.M.M.Beautiful so well done Bob engaging all the way loved it eric Eric, Thanks. Appreciate the listen. Regards, Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Never Let You Go by 90 dB @ Yesterday at 03:08 PM

Originally Posted By: Ezekiel's StormBeautiful song and excellent vocal.. Production is well balanced and clear. Quite nice all around. Thanks man. Appreciate the listen. Regards, Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Amazing Grace (cover; 2021 version) by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 02:26 PM

Perhaps my favorite hymn. Some of my earliest 50's small rural church memories are a cappella versions of this tune. We enjoyed yours and thanks for the memories! J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: Spark In The Night - Jazzy Blues by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 02:13 PM

Classy sophisticated blues. Well done all the way around: - vocal - guitar - write - the "band" And the mix sounded excellent on the KRK's. Enjoyed it! J&B
Jump to new posts You ain't a'going to have old Don to kick around no more. by Don Gaynor @ Yesterday at 02:12 PM
Jump to new posts Re: Hi-Q that works in BB dosn´t work i Realband by Bob Calver @ Yesterday at 02:08 PM

well you learn something new every day! I use a lot more sforzando patches than just the BIAB ones so I've always loaded sforzando as a vst and chosen the patches that way - from the drop down i get BIAB sounds and the other files i've added never tried the right click so didn't know it was broken!
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Jump to new posts Re: Master volume with external MIDI renderer (SD1000) by Gordon Scott @ Yesterday at 02:01 PM

My piano is already sending quite high velocities. If I boost it much more, it'll be sending mostly 127s. I do need to turn the rest down, not the thru up. Perhaps I just have to turn them all down individually. Not hard, but a nuisance. Maybe that's just the way it is.
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Jump to new posts Re: Star Smiling by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 02:00 PM

Nice smoooooth classy vibe. You and that sax guy have some great chops. Enjoyed it! J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: Beach of love by Derochette @ Yesterday at 01:46 PM

Hi Rustyspoon, Thank you for taking your time to comment on my soundscape. I retain the volume to be readjusted slightly to the drop of the mandolin and the strings. And apply a legato on the choirs. Thank you again for your advice. Kindly regard Derochette alias JaniJackFlash
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