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Problem with the dialog window? JaBr 48 minutes ago Forum: Band-in-a-Box for Windows FAQ Jump to new postsJump to new posts
I have BIaB 2023 (1013) and I discovered a problem with the "Edit Repeats and Endings" settings dialog where part of the text and switches in the window are missing, or they are outside the window and thus unusable. What about that? I use win 7 / ver. 6.1 , 28" high-quality monitor and resolution according to my eyes 1920x1080 large font (150%) even if it can handle more with a card. Since it's only this one dialog window (for now) and only in BIaB, it probably won't be there. [Linked Image]
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You Don't Love Me NigelSpiers 4 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
You Don't Love Me Hi Folks, Vocals: Susan de Jong Sax: Carmel Courtney Piano: Nigel Spiers Strings: Nigel Spiers Music & Lyrics: Nigel Spiers Mixing & Arrangement: Nigel Spiers Mastering: Ian McAllister Drums & Bass: Band in A Box
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Song and Style pickers conticreative 8 hours ago Forum: Band-in-a-Box Wishlist Jump to new postsJump to new posts
There are two things that I would like to see in both the Song and Style pickers. One would be the ability to edit songs name/metadata/location/etc. in the picker. Unless I am missing something really huge, there is no way to rename or move/delete a song outside of moving the operation to the File Manager, find the often awkwardly named song in a folder, and do it there. In fact, another useful feature would be to rename those songs from inside the picker directly (maybe with the original filename saved someplace) and a way to check if two files are identical or not from inside the song picker. Since many legacy files have DOS naming that might have been changed to "name-of-the-song-for-real.MGU" from WTF~SONG.mgu sometimes in the mid 2000 but I am carrying an identical copy because at the time I could not go look for and delete the original file/song. Am I making sense? I swear, I love BIAB like a child (I should, since I have had some version for as long as my daughter has been alive and she is 30+ now), but all the legacy stuff and the nested menus drive me insane sometimes. Another thing I'd appreciate would be some kind of color coding in the pickers, but that can be a separate request since even my main brequest gets more confusing in my mind by the minute. Thank you for reading this far. All of you that read my rants to this point are heroes.
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Guzheng is best!!!! swingbabymix 11 hours ago Forum: Band-in-a-Box for Windows Jump to new postsJump to new posts
I just tried the new Guzheng RT added by Biab2024, 4194,4566,4572, and the effect is very good. When I tried Pipa RT 4568 and 4574, I thought it would affect the singing. In addition, Dizi and Erhu are not suitable for singing alone. At present, after my tests GuZheng is very good and can be perfectly matched with various accompaniments. Finally, I hope to join "YangQin" in the future.
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Keyboard tracks for prog rock styles. alogie Yesterday at 08:50 PM Forum: Band-in-a-Box Wishlist Jump to new postsJump to new posts
I'd love to see more keyboard tracks added to the prog-rock styles. For example: Mellotron-style strings or choirs Moog-style arpeggiated accompaniment. Moog-style solos. Thanks!
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Bass: George Porter, Jr. Funkifized Yesterday at 02:22 PM Forum: Styles and RealTracks Wishlist Jump to new postsJump to new posts
George created some of the most oft sampled basslines in modern music, much with The Meters, and many with other fill-in gigs such as Allen Toussaint, Robert Palmer, David Byrne, Dr. John, Patti LaBelle, Robbie Robertson, etc. Can we have some Real Tracks basslines from him? George matters!
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6.0.0 Midi/Chart Import/Send Import Prompt Nag musocity Yesterday at 06:15 AM Forum: Band-in-a-Box VST and Pro Tools/AAX DAW Plugin (Windows) Jump to new postsJump to new posts
When you have a lot of charts it will prompt for each one on send/import. You have the C7 you can drag in to get the chords into Reaper timeline as markers or regions or tempo changes. You could have an option on the C7 to write chords to Reaper as markers or regions in the color of the part markers and write the tempo changes if any in the SGU. So rather than be prompted on each midi import/send you can just create a new midi item and write the note info in it. From the BB midi data:
Paste into a spreadsheet. List of Events in the track=	676
Status	Channel	Stamp	Bar	Beat	Tick120	NoteNum	Name	Vel	Duration	
NoteOn	13	960	1	1	0	36	C 3	117	108	
NoteOn	13	1080	1	2	0	36	C 3	70	108	
NoteOn	13	1200	1	3	0	36	C 3	117	67	
NoteOn	14	1260	1	3	60	28	E 2	92	54
Bass	Bass	Bass	1011:Bass, Electric, BritInvasion Ev 120				Events=676	
Index	Delta Prev	Stamp	Bar	Beat	Tick	Type	Channel_0	Name	Note	Vel	Dur	ScoreBits
0	960	960	1	1	0	Note On	13	C 3	36	117	108	2
1	120	1080	1	2	0	Note On	13	C 3	36	70	108	0
2	120	1200	1	3	0	Note On	13	C 3	36	117	67	0
3	60	1260	1	3	60	Note On	14	E 2	28	92	54	0
bool MIDI_InsertNote(MediaItem_Take* take, bool selected, bool muted, double startppqpos, double endppqpos, int chan, int pitch, int vel, const bool* noSortInOptional)
Or this might be an easier way: Bypass "MIDI File Import" window ...
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Ask sales and support questions about Band-in-a-Box using natural language.

ChatPG's knowledge base includes the full Band-in-a-Box User Manual and sales information from the website.

PG Music News
RealBand 2024 is Here!

There are over 30 new features to RealBand 2024, including 256 available tracks, 32 VSTi/DXi synth instances, modern color scheme for some windows, Playable RealDrums support, new arrow buttons to change the current time, chord symbols to display in the Track window, 48 tracks to display in the Mixer, the ability to hide any extra masters or auxes in the Mixer, improved handling of VU levels in the Track window, better VU levels display when recording to mono tracks, song preview in the StylePicker, the ability to initiate track generation from the StylePicker, and much more!

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Band-in-a-Box® 2024 for Windows is Here!

Band-in-a-Box® 2024 for Windows is here with over 50 new features and an amazing collection of new content, including 222 RealTracks, new RealStyles, MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studies, “Songs with Vocals” Artist Performance Sets, Playable RealTracks Set 3, Playable RealDrums Set 2, two new sets of “RealDrums Stems,” XPro Styles PAK 6, Xtra Styles PAK 17, and more!

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Check out our Band-in-a-Box® packages page for all the purchase options available.

If you need any help deciding which package is the best option for you, just let us know. We are here to help!

Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Mac is macOS Sonoma Compatible!

We're over the moon to announce that the latest Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Mac Build 707 is compatible with macOS Sonoma!

Refresh your Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Mac today with this free update to resolve visibility of notation in the Notation Window, apply smoother use of notation features, update to the Drums VU meter, and add the newest version of the DAW Plugin (5.5.13).

Learn more about Build 707 and download it here.

The Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Mac German, French, and Italian language patches have also been updated with Build 707! Download your Build 707 language patch here.

Revisit: Eyes on Success featuring PG Music Inc., Band-in-a-Box®, and the Updated JAWS Script

In the past, Eyes on Success featured an episode that discussed our company history and Band-in-a-Box® program with Tobin, our chief development officer, including how Band-in-a-Box® is even more accessible with the help of their JAWS screen reader scripts!

Later on this month, Eyes on Success will be releasing an episode that features Gudrun Brunot talking about her new tutorials about how to use Band-in-a-Box® with JAWS.

It's a great idea to pair the two episodes together!

So, while waiting for their Gudrun Brunot episode, take 30 minutes and to listen to this episode from Eyes on Success. To download and listen to the podcast, use the link

Eyes on Success is a weekly radio show / podcast geared to the visually impaired called "Eyes On Success" and that can be found at

Find out more about the show and get links to past episodes at

Find their podcast on iTunes or use the URL:

User Tip: How to add drum fills without changing any other tracks

MarioD has shared some great advice when it comes to adding drum fills without changing any other tracks in your song:

There have been a number of questions asking how to add drum fills without changing any other tracks in a song. This is especially important if one is holding a chord for a few measures and wants to add a drum fill prior to the next chord. The following is how to accomplish that:

1-get the instruments/tracks to play like you want but don't worry about the drums for now.
2-generate the song.
3-freeze all tracks
4-unfreeze the drum track
5-add your fills where you want them
6-generated the song again - note this will only generate the drum track and not the frozen tracks
7- when you get the drums like you want them freeze the track

Have your own program tip to share? Post it on our Tips & Tricks forum!

Review - Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows is Overflowing with Features!

Dennis posted his very thorough Band-in-a-Box® review recently, where he dives into some of the new features added with version 2023: Sound-Guy's Band-in-a-Box Review

Read his thoughts on the Download & Install Manager, partial track regeneration, Playable RealTracks, Audio Editing, the addition of SynthMaster, the VST DAW Plugin, and more!

"Band-in-a-Box continues to be an expansive musical tool-set for both novice and experienced musicians to compose, arrange and mix songs, as well as an extensive educational resource. It is, without negative connotation, a monster of a program. Yet, so is any DAW that I have used. No DAW can do some of the things BIAB does, while BIAB can do a lot that DAWs do."

Band-in-a-Box® Tutorials for Low-vision and Blind Program Users

Our friends at EyesFree_Tutorials have just released their Band-in-a-Box Tutorials, Bundle 2!

Created for low-vision and blind program users, this collection of Band-in-a-Box for Windows tutorials includes 31 audio instruction files and 19 music files for practice, plus help documents. Specific topics include "ABACA, let's make a song form," "Recording melody and lead-in," "Playing and editing: part markers; the handy clipboard. The play function. Search and replace," and more!

Learn more about their new tutorials, and connect with Roy & Gudrun to order the Band-in-a-Box Tutorials, Bundle 2 here.

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