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Jump to new posts Re: Chordify - "chords to any song" by David Snyder @ 09/09/21 08:50 AM

Ooops. You are right! As some of the posters here might have said, I was: WRONG!!!!!!!
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Jump to new posts Re: The Last Of The Wild Horses by Tuneslayer @ 09/09/21 08:48 AM

Thank you all for listening and commenting! I'm still pretty new to music production, and I use comments and critiques as both encouragement to keep working at it and as a stepping stone toward improvement. Originally Posted By: CaptainMotoSounds like cross between "Ghost Riders In the Sky" & " Gilligan's Island Theme Song" Stands to reason. Those two songs are part of the soundtrack of my childhood, and I've always maintained that what goes in through the ears eventua
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Jump to new posts Re: a couple of biab 2022 wishes. by MarioD @ 09/09/21 08:48 AM

+1 +1
Jump to new posts Re: So Chromebook by dcuny @ 09/09/21 08:47 AM

For people who do most of their work via a web browser, it's ideal. The wife and daughters spend most of their computer time on a Chromebook, and have for years. My daughters are both attending Community College, and can do most of their work - even MS Access classes - on the Chromebook. They only use my computer when they need to print something, as Google dropped support for cloud printing some time ago. I typically pay $120-$140 for a used one, and it will last about a year. A couple of
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Torrey, Love this... Everything you post is a work of art. Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Best interface for under 1K by Planobilly @ 09/09/21 08:40 AM

There are what looks like two VGA ports on the GPU. I am running all this stuff in a pretty small room so things are hard to get to and see. Currently, I have the main monitor and a graphics tablet connected to the GPU. All the monitors I have are large TV-style monitors with only HDMI input ports. I also have a 48" monitor but I need to wall mount it first. I was in the BIOS looking around on how to turn on the MB graphics port. I will try to connect the tablet to that port and see if i
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Jump to new posts Re: In A Jazzy Mood by Birchwood @ 09/09/21 08:31 AM

Hi Mario, Well, I was surprised hearing you make Jazz songs as well! And not just an ordinary Jazz song. You did very very well. And then I read your answer to Janne(san) and that explained everything. You can play all kinds of music! I didn't hear wobbling piano's or reverb on the sax just a good song! Even for someone who isn't a huge fan of Jazz songs (that's me). I think it's because you do funny things on the sax, have short breaks and all that sort of things to make a song interesting.
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It does sound like an interesting idea to have chord detection with a software input instead of a MIDI hardware input. We will pass this along to the development team for consideration.
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Jump to new posts Re: Look What I Found In The Chicken by ROG @ 09/09/21 08:18 AM

Hi Mark, Surprisingly musical, considering the source. I've certainly heard worse! Full marks (pun?) for originality. ROG.
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Jump to new posts Re: Watching Over Me by Birchwood @ 09/09/21 08:17 AM

Hello Dan, Your song has a lovely melody and is sung very good (although your pronouncation of 'Savior' can be improved; I couldn't hear what you sang). But I liked how the song was build up. Especially how you performed when that very nice transposing came in. I think it was at 1/3 before the end of the song. I am not at all religious, but that doesn't mean I can't like beutiful songs and vocals. And that's what is going on here! That update is very well done, but I haven't heard the original
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Howdy Torrey.... Well written and performed....per usual. Plus, it just may keep others inspired to just do what you do for creative self enjoyment. Keep up the good work. (My recent (4) endeavors (couple months back) somehow went from concept to finished product in two months which is a record for me so figured I was creatively spent. Since listening to this one guess I'll oblige and finish up my new one...."Atlantis".) Hope all is well with you and a good day to all. Carry on..
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Jump to new posts Re: Hold On To An Angel by ROG @ 09/09/21 08:12 AM

Hi Floyd, A little old-school classic - very Eagles, but still Floyd all the way through. Nice bright mix with jangly guitars and splashy cymbals. Loved the drop-out at around 3.12. Just ten seconds to the pick-up, but SO effective. Always professional, always with that signature vocal and sounding good on the monitors and the headphones. Nice solo too... ROG.
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Jump to new posts Re: Best interface for under 1K by sslechta @ 09/09/21 08:09 AM

Originally Posted By: PlanobillyI did fail to anticipate getting into animation and as crazy as it seems I now need to run three monitors. The Z390 MB only has 32 gigs of ram...enough??...not sure yet There are only two HDMI outputs on the GPU. There is another HDMI port on the MB and I "ASSUME" I can connect the third monitor but I don't really don't know. See if the GPU has any other ports, like Display Port. They make adapters that can convert other port types to HDMI. I've got 4
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Jump to new posts a couple of biab 2022 wishes. by justanoldmuso @ 09/09/21 08:03 AM

dear pg. a couple of little biab 2022 wishes. 1. user defined chords for use in the biab chord sheet. ive noticed over the years , sometimes a user wants a chord possibly not in the list of chords in the biab chord builder set. it might be a dissonant or oddball chord or whatever. thus i propose the user be allowed in biab to define in prefs up to 5 such chords. lets call them X chords for user defined chords. the user would , useing a dialog, define the notes in each chord and save the dialog
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Jump to new posts Re: Na Taoidí Ama (The Tides of Time) by Birchwood @ 09/09/21 08:01 AM

Hi Ghostgum, I love this melody and how you've build up the whole song; the picolo, the lead guitar. All very well done. That Celtic melody, with all it's melancholy and sadness is something you can wake me up for in the middle of the night (I think...). I enjoyed it very much. I also think Na Taoidí Ama is a beautiful title! Hans.
Jump to new posts Thoughts on Copywriting from Tom Scott by pghboemike @ 09/09/21 07:53 AM

Chapters 0:00 Introduction 1:09 Chapter 1: The Mess We're In 10:08 Chapter 2: No Copyright Infringement Intended 22:18 Chapter 3: Content ID 28:21 Chapter 4: Where Do We Go From Here 39:00 Trailer and Sponsorship 40:07 Credits and Outtakes
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Jump to new posts Re: A Melody For Our Souls by Birchwood @ 09/09/21 07:49 AM

Hi James, Your song was very pleasant to listen to, in spite of the sad story. While listening my attention drifted away from your words and replace them with images of my own. Still your spoken words sounded through all of this and brought me back to your lyrics. It is beautiful to experience how spoken words and your voice can charm one's mind. You've made a lot of progress, Hans
Jump to new posts Re: Chordify - "chords to any song" by eddie1261 @ 09/09/21 07:48 AM

Originally Posted By: David SnyderOr do I gripe and complain that they missed the Sus 4 add 11 MajMin9th augmented 5 chord???? (Ok, yes that was silly.) You missed diminished. LOL!!!
Jump to new posts Re: So Chromebook by eddie1261 @ 09/09/21 07:46 AM

Originally Posted By: justanoldmusohappy wife happy life. I am not familiar with either of those things being happy...
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Jump to new posts Re: Best interface for under 1K by Planobilly @ 09/09/21 07:43 AM

OM, thanks for the link. The budget is $500 to $1000. And perhaps closer to 5 or 6 if I need to do serious GPU and ram upgrades. Nothing will be lost because the new i5 backup machine only has 16 gigs of ram and a very old GPU. So if I have to upgrade I will put the stuff from the new machine into the i5 backup machine. Billy
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Jump to new posts Re: Best interface for under 1K by Planobilly @ 09/09/21 07:35 AM

Hi Steve, The 18i20 was on the shortlist and is the least expensive solution. I also was looking at a PreSonus Quantum 2626 26x26 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface M1 Chip Compatible, 26x26-8 Mic Pres at $650. So...a hundred bucks difference...not an issue. I put a thunderbolt card in the new machine when I built it, just in case. At the moment I have one electric guitar (mono), two microphones, vocal and ribbon (both mono), and two analog inputs (stereo) from the main keyboard. All the midi s
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Jump to new posts Re: Best interface for under 1K by justanoldmuso @ 09/09/21 07:32 AM

billy. heres a list of devices pg users find work well sslecta that frite looks nice , i wonder how it compares with the audient stuff or uad arrow. frankly billy if ya got the buks RME ALL THE WAY. but i gotta say even the cheapo interfaces these days do a great job. best om
Jump to new posts Re: So Chromebook by sslechta @ 09/09/21 07:28 AM

Great to hear sir. My wife would probably like one of those too....
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Jump to new posts Re: FIND MY WAY BACK HOME (Instrumental) by Birchwood @ 09/09/21 07:27 AM

Hi Torrey, I read your introduction of the song and then listened to it. You sure know how to mislead someone. I can only join all others here telling you how wonderful your song was and how brilliant that acoustic lead guitar. You gave it a velvet sound! And all these compliments you got are well deserved. But... I wish you will feel challenged to sing in this song. Of course it is brilliant as it is and, like Ray said; the sologuitar becomes a voice inside ones' head. But still I want to he
Jump to new posts Re: So Chromebook by justanoldmuso @ 09/09/21 07:24 AM

agree with all said. yep just for web plus wife likes happy wife happy life. i cant complain cos she wants to buy me biab upgrade at gtr stuff. we trade a lot...lmao i'm useing the cbook to post this. like it so far best om
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