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Jump to new posts Re: Spider Ticking Over by PeterF @ 03/08/23 01:02 PM

Ray The lyric was full of childhood references. The solo guitar might have too much reverb? Overall it's a strong backing track. Peter
Jump to new posts Voiceworks Plus no sound by G law Trad @ 03/08/23 12:57 PM

Hey, I hope I'm OK asking this on her. I'm struggling to get it sorted. I've been given a Voiceworks Plus rack unit. I've weird it as the manual says. I can't get any sound through the mic to the speakers. The mics an SM58. Thanks in advance.
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Jump to new posts Re: Using Pitch Correction Plugins by Byron Dickens @ 03/08/23 12:56 PM

Nothing that some practice won't fix.
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David & Rachel A strong song lyrically and melodically, well produced and written. Good stuff. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: My Deathbed Confession by PeterF @ 03/08/23 12:53 PM

Vic Good song, evocative. Nicely sung and produced. Very good story telling. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Je zde Biab a RB 2023 by Gause Zdenek @ 03/08/23 12:50 PM

Já nakupuji od PGMusic přímo v prosinci jako upgrade UltraPak rok co rok a v březnu, dubnu dokoupím Power Track Audio od roku 2014. Od roku 2005 jsem provedl nákup přes naší firmu Jimaz a podobně jsem nakupoval až do roku 2013. Oba postupy mi připadají rozumné, ale necítím se v této ekonomické problematice silný. S Joan občas komunikuji (ne moc) a je skvělá v komunikaci a taky férová. U nás je dealerem Karel Jačko, se kterým se také dá domluvit a může v obchodních
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Jump to new posts Re: Jack's House a collaboration with Ray C. by PeterF @ 03/08/23 12:49 PM

Misha & Ray Incredibly inventive, imaginative and superbly presented. You've both outdone yourselves. Great work. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: New song: "Gamblin' Man"_collab with Ken Lasaine by MusaShuaib @ 03/08/23 12:47 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Abused (a silent cry) by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:45 PM

Originally Posted By: RnAMVery impressive song and video. Beautiful music and vocals. Yes, these things should be told about. My granddad (born in 1898) was a choirboy in the catholic church when he was a child. He always referred to catholic priests etc. as "those dirty papists". He never told us what he meant by that and I didn't understand. Until... al these stories about abuse in the catholic church became clear. But he was long dead when this came out. So it's been of all times.
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Jump to new posts Re: Abused (a silent cry) by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:35 PM

Originally Posted By: Janice & BudYou’ve created a powerful video to accompany your excellent lyric. The first verse alone is heartbreaking and then the chorus begins with this: “I can see the broken soul behind those empty eyes.” Like so many folks, we’ve seen that look in the eyes of others and it is always incredibly sad. The vocals sound great, as does the entire production. Abuse, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or just neglect has a lifelong effect. Your song
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Jump to new posts Re: Abused (a silent cry) by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:31 PM

Originally Posted By: PeterFExcellent production, deserving of all the prior accolades. Really well done, lovely work of the Synth V vocal, and well written. Excellent. Peter Thanks for listening and your nice words, Peter. Very appreciated!
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Jump to new posts Re: Tabernacle by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:29 PM

Excellent production and arrangement, but the highlights are your vocals and those great harmonies. Love it!
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Jump to new posts Re: Just Having Fun by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:26 PM

I agree with what others have already said about the high notes, but still it was a very enjoyable listen.
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Jump to new posts Re: Jack's House a collaboration with Ray C. by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:20 PM

LOVE the Reggae/Ska feel of your song. Makes me smile and moves my feet. Very good work by you and Ray.
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Jump to new posts Strolling at the Sock Hop by MarioD @ 03/08/23 12:15 PM

Strolling at the Sock Hop If you are old enough to remember sock hops and the stroll then this might bring back memories. Remember when just before the dance the gym was decorated with a ton of crepe paper so it looked just like a gym decorated in crepe paper? BiaB style = Vinyl 33 New Orleans Rock n Roll Tempo = 85 BPM Bass - Ample - preset - P-Bass Guitar = Kontakt - preset - Jazz Guitar Piano & Strings - EZKeys - upright piano - preset standard Drums - Steven Slate's SSD-5 - Vinta
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Jump to new posts Re: My Deathbed Confession by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:15 PM

Pretty good lyrics, and you made a nice song out of it. The guitars are a bit too busy for my taste, I would have preferred more sustained notes. But it's also good the way it is now. 'I have a lot of yesterdays but my tomorrows wearing thin' is something I would never have thought of (as a non-native speaker). Excellent
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Jump to new posts Re: WALTZ FOR THE LONELY - Chet Atkins cover by DebMurphy @ 03/08/23 12:14 PM

Lovely! ...Deb
Jump to new posts Re: Voice Leading ideas: by AudioTrack @ 03/08/23 12:11 PM

Originally Posted By: Mike HalloranThe note after the slash is for the bass player. In BIAB, it’s often assumed the keyboard will use that as a root but that isn’t always the case. One issue with Slash notes that is a real weakness in BiaB is that you cannot choose a slash note that is the same as the chord. You can choose C/G, C/F but not C/C, which means you cannot change the bass note played. You cannot force it to play the root. I put it in the wishlist a long time ago. It mustn't be i
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Jump to new posts Re: CRYING IN MY SLEEP_David Snyder by B.D.Thomas @ 03/08/23 12:05 PM

A bit whiny , but this is pretty cool stuff, excellent and very intense and emotional vocal performance My only minor nit is that in the first verse you resolve the chord progression on "breath" and "sleeve" which removes the tension a bit too early. I would leave that open for more drama.
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Jump to new posts Re: Using Pitch Correction Plugins by Roland S @ 03/08/23 12:04 PM

Hi Mike, I have to contradict here. I also use Melodyne Studio quite a lot and must say that the possibilities are incredible. I have used it not only to get really bad vocals right, but also on guitars, to remove unwanted noises, to mock up vocals with some artificial choir and a lot of other purposes. It has become one of my most essential tools. Yes, it takes a while to understand Melodyne and to unleash it's full potential, but it is definitely worth the effort. Especially with the Studio
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Quote:No. Simply put, they each draw from different databases. This is my biggest concern. Correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is, when you install the RealTracks 001 to 429 on your computer, you own all of them, and can use them however you want. Meaning, for any backing/solo/melody source material, you can put it on any style track or utility track, you can generate the sound regardless of what method you use. In other words, if you put a Soloist RealTrack on a utility track, it shoul
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Jump to new posts Re: Chord not playing by Matt Finley @ 03/08/23 11:51 AM

Can you upload the song to somewhere like Dropbox, and post a link here, so we can load the song and see what’s going on?
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Jump to new posts Re: Using Pitch Correction Plugins by David Snyder @ 03/08/23 11:40 AM

Mr. Halloran, You said two words. Willie Nelson. I have one word: Amen. Now I have a thought. Who can touch him? Two words. No one.
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Jump to new posts Chord not playing by Victoria Johnson @ 03/08/23 11:32 AM

I set bar 14 to B...d and 2 beats, the next bar (15) is Em...d and set back to 4 beats. The problem is the guitar chord does not sound again till bar 16. The guitar is just doing a hold on the chords in this section. The guitar holds on bar 14 skips 15 and comes in on 16 ... puzzling?
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Jump to new posts Re: "Way Of The Heart" - Soft Piano/Guitars by camog @ 03/08/23 11:22 AM

Thank you so much for your very nice comment Janne - I'm very glad you enjoyed my "Way Of The Heart" tune, thanks a lot for taking a listen!! All the best from the UK, Carl
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