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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Where'd everybody go? by Rustyspoon# @ 3 minutes 41 seconds ago

It comes with Super-Xtra 6 pack as a bonus.
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Jump to new posts Re: It's A Fine Line by ROG @ 6 minutes 23 seconds ago

Hi Peter & Leon, Definitely in the Folk-Singer-Songwriter vein. The intro sounded very much like a Dylan track, until Leon started to sing - he sings way better than Dylan! The guitars sounded great and the whole backing had a coherence which was very pleasing and easy to listen to. Excellent lyrics too and a nice clean mix to finish it off. Enjoyed. ROG.
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Jump to new posts Re: In The Deep by musician17 @ 14 minutes 40 seconds ago

Superb. Trademark sensitivity from you, wrapped up in - at first, at least - perhaps deliberately ambiguous and cryptic lyrics. You are certainly one of the very best poets on this site, both lyrically and musically. And: your songs are like balm to wounds. Whenever I feel like screaming internally, I know that, if you've put a new song on here, I'll be calmer (if not necessarily happier) about my lot. Acoustic balm for the soul. Thank you.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Tweaking a style by Angelomusic @ 20 minutes 9 seconds ago

Hi all, Firstly I do apologize for this very noobish question. I've been trying to find the answer online but I might not have looked in the right direction. So please, forgive me for that simple question. I have a style that I like but I would like to add some vocals (or it could be an instrument, I guess that the process is the same). From the main BIAB windows what shall I do to add something else from another style ? I went into the mixer settings and saw that my style has 2 grey slots (u
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Jump to new posts Re: There Is A Father by musician17 @ 21 minutes 39 seconds ago

First of all: sending up prayers and sending you the very best of thoughts for your health condition. Secondly: love the song. And love the faith with which it's clearly done - it exudes from the song. Thank you so much for sharing it with us - it's good to reminded, in life (especially at tough moments) that there IS a Father, and you communicate this so well through the song. Thanks!
Styles and RealTracks Wishlist
Jump to new posts Celtic styles by Paul2open @ 25 minutes 4 seconds ago

Hi biab. Having used biab for a few years I'm now getting a bit frustrated with the lack of new celtic styles. How about John Doyle? He is probably the best loved and most popular Irish guitarist and bouzouki player in the world. He plays with EVERYBODY! Would be great to get him onboard. Just saying
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Jump to new posts Re: Blue on Red by musician17 @ 25 minutes 40 seconds ago

Great job! The sax is superb. The rest is a wonderful groove - do they call this ska? I'm useless at styles and their labels, so forgive me if I'm talking rubbish (what's new? haha). And yes, it's a tad loud, but I just lowered the volume on my notebook - an easy fix ;-) Love it. Had me tapping my feet from beginning to end.
Jump to new posts Re: Do you have any favorite songs about the ocean and/or fishing ? by MusicStudent @ 32 minutes 34 seconds ago

ROriginally Posted By: Don GaynorNot a song but two Canadian Folk artists that do a lot of sea and fish songs. Search separately on YouTube for Stan and Garnett Rogers. I especially like Stan's "Tiny Fishes For Japan" a sad commentary on Canada's dying fishing industry. Wow, that was surprisingly moving. Thanks for sharing.
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Jump to new posts Re: The Other Side Of Nowhere by musician17 @ 34 minutes 27 seconds ago

Oh my word. STUNNING - and that's the least said. Minimalism to die for, as someone above mentioned ... and, let me say something right here ... the LYRICS ... wow. Because the musical side of the song is so well written, here, the lyrics may not be as noticed by some ... but, my word, you know how to write a lyric which strikes a chord with your audience - just as well as you write the music. Love it. Thank you for this, I needed this this afternoon.
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Jump to new posts The Rose by musician17 @ 40 minutes 33 seconds ago

Another private track that I'm only sharing on here for now. Reason for all the privacy is: I'm thinking of writing a musical (or somesuch soundtrack album, at least!) :-) - so need to keep some tracks private for now, i.e. not in the public domain. This is one of them ... it would have been perhaps best if I'd put it into the context of the rest of the potential future musical, but - even so, on its own ... what do you think of it? I'm beyond grateful if you find the time to listen and even, pe
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: BIAB 2020 froze, crashed PC and apparently uninstalled itself by Andrew - PG Music @ 48 minutes 47 seconds ago

Quote:Andrew, Your suggestion is a bit easier said than done (see below) but before I follow it, may I ask, -- have you ever heard of this sort of behaviour before? i.e. BIAB or another program glitching and deleting itself? -- if I do follow your advice, and the check reports that the disk is fine, what would you then suggest that I do? This is a 2 TB, 7200 rpm USB drive. Before and after this incident, it has worked / still works fine when I copy to or from it, or read / write as I access
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Jump to new posts Re: "Irresistible Blues" - Instrumental by camog @ Today at 09:35 AM

Sorry I had to re-upload the track as I missed a glitch in the mix balance - here's the new link: Cheers, Carl
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Originally Posted By: Janice & BudAs I mentioned there is much more to it than that ... at least for me. High end aids can be programmed in multiple ways to help you. Multi-band eq and compression, the left and right aid communicating via bluetooth, the ability to analyze the sonic environment and adapt and phone apps to let you change the program as needed. Only you know what sounds "right" and that requires communicating with an audiologist beyond simply boosting some high f a
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Jump to new posts Re: Time Passes (Peter on guitar) by Guitarhacker @ Today at 07:54 AM

Always a treat to hear your music. I enjoyed listening. Well done by all.
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Jump to new posts Re: All Of You by floyd jane @ Today at 06:04 AM

Originally Posted By: dcunyOriginally Posted By: floyd janeIf you happen back by, I would appreciate you letting me know if this fixed that... I'll be honest - I can't tell if it's better because of changes (it sounds like you might have softened the volume on the guitar higher strings), or just confirmation bias. Either way, I enjoyed listening to it several more times. You really did an excellent job with the guitar and strings. Thanks for checking back, David. I appreciate your help with
Jump to new posts Re: Don Henley and Billy Joel 92nd St. Y interview by Deryk - PG Music @ Today at 06:02 AM

Very interesting! Didn't have time to watch the entire thing but got it bookmarked - I know some people who'd find this interesting Thanks for sharing!
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Jump to new posts Re: Strutters Lane by Rustyspoon# @ Today at 05:53 AM

Tune Monger. Fun song. I was sure I replied, since I clearly remember hearing it when you posted Lyrics are great. Your vocals work well, plosives do not jump out at me. Nice vintage dixie vibe. Thank you for sharing. Misha
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Jump to new posts Re: Shining Light by floyd jane @ Today at 05:52 AM

Eric, I'm always envious of your guitar - sound and playing. Such a joy to listen to. Have to say I did not care for the muted trumpet sound - it had a bit of "harshness" to it - your use of the RealTrack sax is always a good balance. Just an opinion, of course... others might dig it... Still. That guitar! Sweet. fj
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Jump to new posts Re: "REAL SOON" by Rustyspoon# @ Today at 05:45 AM

Nice Jazz tune. Flows nicely, almost like kids rhymer, easy to follow lyrics. Thank you Tano for sharing this message of hope! Misha.
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Jump to new posts Re: How To Rock From Home by floyd jane @ Today at 05:41 AM

Will, A cool track. The drop at :50 and again at 1:40 is very cool. Guitar sounds good. A very good mix. Enjoyed the listen. fj (Thanks for having a listen to "She'll Have To Be The One". Since it is a bit older post, I won;t bump it further...)
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Jump to new posts Song #7 of 26 – I Don’t Know Why by jford @ Today at 05:07 AM

Song #7 of 26 – I Don’t Know Why Initial BIAB Style – _ELCOAMP – Amplitube Strumming Electric Guitar Track #1 – RT1717: Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockStraight Ev 120 Track #2 – RealDrums-NashvilleEven8^5-HiHat, Ride Track #3 – RealPiano 686: Organ, B3, Background Pop Ev 120 Track #4 – RealGuitar 1683: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm, PopPromise Ev16 Track #5 – RealStrings 1025: Guitar, Electric, Strumming CleanOpen Ev Track #6 – Chris playing Electric Guitar Track #7 – RT151: Gu
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Jump to new posts Re: WHERE CAN I FIND BIAB MOVIE MUSIC? by VideoTrack @ Today at 04:58 AM

Originally Posted By: Chris PotterYou can search it on thoptv application Welcome Chris, Can you elaborate on your statement? A little difficult to interpret.
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Bonjour à tous, La demande étant récurrente, voici la procédure pour joindre une image à votre post. Faites en bon usage! Daniel ps: je rappelle qu'il faut être loggé sur le forum pour visualiser ces images.
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Jump to new posts Re: Problèmes divers by Daniel Donval @ Today at 02:07 AM

Bonjour, La demande étant récurrente, je viens de mettre en ligne un post dédié à l'envoi de messages avec images incluses (typiquement captures d'écran). Je t'invite à t'y référer. Daniel
Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin for Windows FAQ
Jump to new posts In Acid Pro, the plugin shows up as available, but will not open by Andrew - PG Music @ Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Acid Pro 10 supports VST2 and VST3, however currently the VST2 must be used due to a compatibility issue. Here are some tips for using the VST2 in Acid: 1. When running the Band-in-a-Box (DAW Plugin) installer, you should select the checkbox to install the VST2 (64bit). This is not selected by default. 2. Open Acid, and in the Explorer view, click the Plugin Manager tab, then click the VST Configuration button at top-right. 3. Add "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins" to the folder list i
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We released RealBand in July 2008, along with Band-in-a-Box® 2008.5.

"RealBand brings a new level of ease and flexibility to anyone creating recordings. Record your own tracks, type in the chords, pick a style, and then add any MIDI or audio (Real) tracks to follow your chords - all in a single program. For example, type in chords to your song, generate a RealDrums track, record in your guitar and vocal parts. Then put on your 'arranger' hat and have some fun automatically adding RealTracks - maybe a guitar solo, or pedal steel background for the bridge."

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Band-in-a-Box® 2020 Spanish for Windows is Here!

¡Hay más de 50 nuevas características en Band-in-a-Box® 2020! Hay mejoras en RealTracks (RealTracks Vocal de Sonido más Suave, RealTracks Engrosamiento, RealTracks "Find-a-Sub" y MultiRiffs). La mayoría de los RealDrums ahora tienen RealCharts (con notación de batería precisa). Hay un nuevo navegador de Artistas RealTracks para encontrar información / biografías / enlaces / listas de RealTracks en todos los artistas. Un nuevo Navegador de Funciones permite al usuario nuevo u "olvidadizo" encontrar y usar fácilmente la mayoría de las funciones / teclas de acceso rápido / documentos desde una sola ventana. Ecualizar Tempo permite cambiar una canción de rubato grabada a un tempo fijo. Tiempo de audio mejorado / estiramiento de tono (Elastique) incluido. Hay mejoras en el Selector de Canciones, Bajo/Batería o Batería solo Auto-Intros, 3.400 títulos añadidos, mejoras MusicXML, guitarra para "Zurdos" y "Vista de estudiante", mejoras de Arrastrar y Soltar, Ventana Múltiple del Mago del Acorde de Audio y mucho más!


Video - Entering More Than 4 Chords Per Bar in Band-in-a-Box!

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Video Testimonial - Dennis Dearing Talks Band-in-a-Box®

Dennis remembers Band-in-a-Box® from years ago, but his connection to Mike Harrison and hearing him talk about the RealTracks is what really got him excited about the program!

Hear his thoughts and see how he uses the Band-in-a-Box® VST DAW Plugin for his projects with his Video Testimonial:

It's been a great addition to my workflow!
-Dennis Dearing

To learn more about Dennis, check out his testimonial page here.

You can create your own video testimonial letting people know how you use the program too! Learn how here.

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