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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: A question about styles by MusicStudent @ 35 minutes 25 seconds ago

I have been following this tread closely. In fact, I tried to make my own "Style" for EA. Started with a good midi version and then used the "Style Maker from Midi" feature. This automatically created all the chords for A Section and B section. I then moved and separated the individual midi tracks into the new Utility tracks. I especially wanted to be able to reuse the melody from the midi. I made a EAngel1.sty. And then EAngel2.sty. And finally EAngel3.sty. Now I had
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: A question about styles by Notes Norton @ 52 minutes 36 seconds ago

When I wrote my first style disk, back when BiaB was "version 4", still on floppy disks, and only 3 instruments, I figured I'd run out of styles to write pretty soon. However, the more I write styles, the more I realize that there are never too many. Different songs even in the same genre and style require different styles, even if they are similar. Of course, the huge library of styles creates another problem; How to find the one you need in the proverbial 'haystack'. But then that'
Jump to new posts Re: More BiaB created songs licensed by Notes Norton @ Today at 07:17 AM

I grew up calling it either Elevator Music or Muzak, so it might be a regional thing. It used to be always 'easy listening' instrumental versions of the popular songs of my parents' generation. I think a group called "101 Strings" were typical of that. Now I hear a lot of vocal music, pop cuts from the artists in the Baby Boomer generation and beyond played as 'overhead' music. Times change. I'd love to hear my music in an elevator, as long as I was getting royalties. Ka-Ching Not
I'm a sax player. No sax is in tune with itself. When I bought my Selmer Mark VI there were 3 in the store. I went in with a strobe tuner (they were state-of-the-art back then) and picked the one with the best intonation. Even though the serial numbers were close, they had different degrees of intonation problems. I no longer have the luxury of doing that when I buy a new sax because local music stores usually don't even carry one pro level horn anymore. If they do, it's only one. My last 3 sa
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Jump to new posts Re: Never Been In Love by NigelSpiers @ Today at 07:08 AM

Hi Eric, Thanks for your supportive comments - much appreciated. Best Regards Nigel
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Quote:I have switched the driver to MME but in this mode the audio momentarily stops, for only a few milliseconds, whenever I click on many sections of BIAB. If I try to adjust the volume on instruments in the mixer, the sound gets interrupted, the same if I click the notation button or click on the chord charts I can confirm that. A short blink of the audio. But that is only while auditioning the song and making adjustments on the fly. Those audio hesitations should not get recorded to the
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: BiaB 2014 help by MusicStudent @ Today at 06:40 AM

What are you using for recording input? The computer microphone?? What recording driver are you using? You will be needing a Audio Device (generally an external USB module with ASIO drivers) along with a proper microphone to record your re.corder. Anything other than that will be less than satisfactory due to latency.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: BiaB 2014 help by Chantelle - PG Music @ Today at 06:24 AM

Originally Posted By: autodidactI have to correct myself. There actually is some sound, it's just too faint to hear. If I blow really hard I can hear a faint note. I'm looking in to that. It sounds like it's connected, but there is an issue with the volume/velocity at some point along the chain. I'm unfamiliar with your particular MIDI device. Check if there are volume settings on the device itself, and also check that the volume faders are not turned down in your Band-in-a-Box mixer.
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Dankeschön für deine Hilfe!! lg. Alfred
Hi Billy, I've been repairing vintage Fenders for about fifty years now, so let me see if there's anything I can help you with, regarding your problems with intonation. Firstly, lets assume that the fret spacings are accurate, because there's nothing you can do if they're not. Secondly, let's also assume that you know about the best way to adjust the string length at the saddle - ask me if you're not sure. Now for the things which are often missed - fret type, string gauge and string height.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
What happens when you press the Kontakt MIDI Panic button. The “!” Symbol on the top right hand side of Kontakt. Does this stop the “feedback”. What channel are you using. It is very possible to confuse Kontakt by having a patch that allows multiple channels open with a mysterious note set on a channel not actually used. This signal may not be receiving a note off. Pushing the panic button will turn the note off, however, it will recur. Use Kontakt to determine what channels are c
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Jump to new posts Treasure (Bruno Mars) - Smooth jazz Style by VideoTrack @ Today at 05:03 AM

A very Smooth Jazz interpretation of this song.
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Jump to new posts Re: Count On Your Kisses by Dewey_MI @ Today at 04:44 AM

Thanks for listening Rob4580!
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Jump to new posts Re: Count On Your Kisses by Dewey_MI @ Today at 04:44 AM

Thanks for the constructive criticism rayc! I definitely hear what you're hearing with the weak notes in the first verse. I have trouble with putting strength on the lower end of my vocal scale but I agree, I could do better here. Also, I like your idea with mixing in a slide guitar or similar in place of the sax. Will experiment with different options. Na zdrowie! Dewey
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Jump to new posts Re: Love's New Frontier by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 04:34 AM

Thanks justanoldmuso for listening and commenting! I appreciate it! T
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Jump to new posts Re: Love's New Frontier by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 04:32 AM

Thanks Ray for all the positive feedback! T
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
biab-user.. lets get to the nitty grittys.. in a tech sense i would never try useing any fancy plug in in biab unless i had a really "beefy" pc with high speed ssd's and lots of ram. i use only low cpu useage plug ins in biab. if i was useing threadrippers with ultra fast ssd's and a excellent audio driver device like RME and getting low RTL different story. i have no details of your rig were given. 1. whats your processor ?? and whats its rateing on ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Doubt's Shadow (feat. Peter on guitars) by Janice & Bud @ Today at 03:55 AM

Originally Posted By: Torrey BlissVery nice work again by all 3 of you! Lyrics are excellent! Performances and production are stellar as always! Glad you all keep making this community the top one around IMO!! Thanks, Torrey Thank you Torrey! J&B
Jump to new posts Re: Tricky chords by Bernard Rasson @ Today at 03:08 AM

wow, thank you so much to everyone who gave an answer this is a fascinating subject I did not learn a lot of conventional harmony So I tend to think of chords as colors, flavors or feelings and in any case, as the basic building blocks of any piece of music but this is only my "gut feeling"
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Originally Posted By: Jim FogleMy guess. The way an audio signal flows through Band-in-a-Box and RealBand is different. RealBand audio flows somewhat similar to a DAW which in turn is somewhat similar to an external audio mixer. The audio is routed in such a way that you can hear audio coming into the computer at the same time you can hear audio coming out of the computer. RealBand repeats your incoming audio and mixes the incoming audio with the computer generated audio. Band-in-a-Box does
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Jump to new posts Re: Blue Tonight by PeterF @ Today at 02:48 AM

Bob Lovely song, excellent lyrics really enjoyed them, and beautifully sung. Top quality work. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Blue Tonight by rsdean @ Today at 02:16 AM

Janice & Bud, Thank you. Appreciate the support and kind words. Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Some Days Are Diamonds by PeterF @ Today at 12:51 AM

Originally Posted By: Rob4580Hi Pete. I missed the train on this one, sorry. A song about opposites, very nice. Some great rhymes going on. Great work. Rob 4580 Thanks Rob. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Some Days Are Diamonds by PeterF @ Today at 12:51 AM

Originally Posted By: raycNice, nice, nice. Well done Leon & Peter. My ony crit is that the accent cymbal seems to hit a little early in relation to the vocal. Harmonies & slide fit the song like they were conceived in the writing. Thanks Ray. Peter Originally Posted By: Alexander PaulGood song with a fitting arrangement. I like how quickly you get into the song after the short intro and how the focus stays on the vocals. Thanks for the comments. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Some Days Are Diamonds by PeterF @ Today at 12:50 AM

Originally Posted By: Deej56Peter, I had listened to this a few days back, but didn’t have a chance to post feedback . . . which is all good, because I got to get to listen to this one again. Love the arrangement on this . . . those stops and harmonies in the chorus are brilliant. Leon does a lovely job on the vocal . . . pretty harmonies. I think my favorite from you boys—well done, gents! All my best, Deej Thanks a lot Deej. Peter Originally Posted By: Rustyspoon#Leon & Peter
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