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Best of YouTube
Jump to new posts Re: Copyright issues on Youtube by EatMe @ 1 minute 8 seconds ago

My youtube channel got deleted. There was a claim from the that "my own video" was proof of "my own video" being their content. I disputed with all song creation info, and N.N. (name needed) and no address. Youtube promptly deleted my channel. The claim got retracted, as in pulled back. I'm not able to upload videos anymore and my about 88.000 views on the channel and fans are lost.
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by dcuny @ 4 minutes 25 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeVocally I like it best when the two "singers" are singing together and off each other, that worked quite well I thought. Mine too! The problem for me is that it's really tempting to put in too much of it. When I get around to buying the program, I won't be limited to "only" two voices. But for now, I think it's a good limitation that's keeping me from going overboard. Quote:Great sounding track too, and nice mix. Thanks! I appreciate yo
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by dcuny @ 8 minutes 42 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: BabuMusicThat's really really cool, David. Quite amazing. Like painting with music. That counter-part harmony is perfect. A fun listen for sure!! I'm glad you liked it, thanks! Playing with synthetic voices can be constraining, but in some ways it's liberating because it also feels like painting with music.
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by dcuny @ 29 minutes 8 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: vicarnWell that was interesting. A little mechanical but I'd like to play with that synth. Maybe for backing vocals. Can you humanise it? I'm using the free version of Synthesizer V, and it's available for the Mac, Windows and Linux, so the barrier to entry is pretty low. The only English voice is only recorded at a single pitch, so as it moves out of the "best" range, it tends to get a bit nasal. However, changing the tension parameter helps with that. There's
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Jump to new posts Re: Chord clicker by EatMe @ 35 minutes 14 seconds ago

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I have updated the tool to version 2.05.226 .. When it is possible to program more features, I will release new versions. Please update your ChordLord. for Renoise 3 more info on how to use Renoise more info on how to use this ChordLord tool and the latest version:
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by dcuny @ 41 minutes 30 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Tano MusicDavid, I really enjoyed listening to this work! Hi Tom. That's the best I can hope for. Quote:I love the vocal harmonies. One of the great things about this forum is that new ideas come from listening to the work of others, and that is certainly true here. You’ve given me some new things to think about! While it's best to have real vocals in the end, I find it a lot more helpful to do a harmony mockup in Synthesizer V instead of using a MIDI flute - especiall
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by dcuny @ 56 minutes 3 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: CaptainMotoWow, who needs singers? I was wondering about that vocal sound, then I read the explanation. I'll have to look into the Synthesizer V. Thanks, captain! Interestingly enough, the version of Synthesizer V I'm using is the free version, and it's a lot more functional (and better sounding) than the Tiny Vocaloid editor I'd been using. While the Tiny Vocaloid editor only allowed a single voice limited to 16 bars, the Basic version of Synthesizer V allows for two vo
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Thank you for the prompt reply, MarioD. After further investigation I've discovered that REAPER's MIDI display is offset by one octave, so where I thought key #76 was F5 is in fact F4, at least according to, i.e., there are two MIDI conventions one octave apart based upon where they locate middle C. Who knew? So, in answer to my question, the two mystery MIDI drum notes generated by BIAB are Hi and Low Block respectively. Problem solved.
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by dcuny @ Today at 08:23 AM

Originally Posted By: floyd janeThe mix is excellent. And the vocalist "settles in" well after the initial "ah...vocaloid..." Hi, floyd jane. Thanks, glad to hear it! Hopefully next time I can get a "ah, not vocaloid" for you!
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Jump to new posts Re: Can't export realdrum as midi by MarioD @ Today at 08:06 AM

Originally Posted By: andywilsonHi I’m trying to export a realdrum as midi but it fails even in the DAW app. The track has the green line under its name and it’s got "Ntn301 to show it does have notation. Can anyone suggest what’s going wrong? Thanks Andy Hi Andy, Exactly how are you trying to export them? In the BiaB drag the RD to the mid window, then go to the DAW mode, open your DAW and drag the BiaB DAW mode + to your DAW. In the VST mode just drag the track's MIDI i
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GM drums contain percussion instruments also. That is they may contain bongos, shakers, tambourines, etc. Most if not all of the better drum presets do not have percussion instruments, they only contain the main kit set. Thus you have to also have some percussion instrument presets to hear them. I run into this also. What I do is in my DAW I separate each drum and assign a GM drum map to each. This tells me what instrument that note is calling for. Then I choose a preset that matches that in
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I'm using BIAB to create songs and then export them as MIDI for use in REAPER. I've noticed that the exported MIDI drum tracks frequently contain some MIDI notes that are outside of the range of the drums plugin I'm using in REAPER (in this case Boom by AIR Music Technology) nor are they referenced on the standard General MIDI Percussion Key Map. Obviously BIAB knows what elements of a drum kit those notes refer to, so is there a way to reveal that? For example, when BIAB MIDI indicates "n
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Jump to new posts Re: Here's To You by floyd jane @ Today at 07:24 AM

Originally Posted By: Leon1Another high quality piece of writing, Floyd. Terrific vocal, full of emotion and the band sounds great. Regards, Leon Thanks, Leon! Originally Posted By: raycWonderful song on all levels. The hand claps don't excite me but that's me. A voice that simultaneously radiates hurt & healing. Thanks, ray. The hand claps were a bit of an give a little "new life" to an old song. Not for everyone, I know...I questioned them when I first put
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Jump to new posts Exporting all but the mix by DiGiorgio @ Today at 07:21 AM

Hi , When I export my tracks to WAV files there is always the ‘mix’ version with the separate tracks. Is there a way to avoid this unnecessary file to be created ? Thanks.
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Jump to new posts Can't export realdrum as midi by andywilson @ Today at 07:20 AM

Hi I’m trying to export a realdrum as midi but it fails even in the DAW app. The track has the green line under its name and it’s got "Ntn301 to show it does have notation. Can anyone suggest what’s going wrong? Thanks Andy
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Jump to new posts Re: Milly Anne by floyd jane @ Today at 07:19 AM

A nice listen, James. The BAND does a good job. The shaker is perfect for this. As others noted, your vocal recording techniques have gotten good. Very well balanced. A heartfelt lyric. fj
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Jump to new posts Re: To One In Paradise (Synthesizer V) by Rustyspoon# @ Today at 07:18 AM

David, Solid composition! Lyrics work very well. Personally, I would prefer more bass, especially for the genre you chose. Besides that, fun listen! Those vocalizers are definitely getting better! Being a fan of ELO I can definitely hear influence. "She does the things you do. But she is an IBM" ELO (c) Correct me if I am wrong.... As I understand there are three main uses for vocal synths in music. #1 Composition / draft - instruction to live singer #2 Actual production to achie
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The Display Options dialog’s Chordsheet Font drop down selection box affects the appearance of chord symbols in the Chordsheet – it does not affect the appearance of chord symbols in the Notation window. The route via the Notation Window Options dialog gets you to second base.
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Jump to new posts Re: alternate instrument by Roycol @ Today at 07:09 AM

Thanks. That's very descriptive. Roy
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Jump to new posts Re: yellow instruments by Roycol @ Today at 07:06 AM

Noel Thanks for that, Yes it may be when trying to listen to demos. I am up to date, 2021 build 822 Roy
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Jump to new posts Re: Add a little Color Back To GUI by Ola @ Today at 06:55 AM

Thanks a million! I just updated from 2009 to 2021 and those grey icons was making me miserable. Hard to distinguish between and so drab that they almost made me depressed. Colors are great and lovely to look at! (You couldn't tell from my profile photo, but the only current one I had was from my driver's license )
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If reduced enough it eliminates the rude drum hits and cymbal crashes or choked cymbals but it does eliminate the push completely from the drum track. I suppose pushed cymbals could be added in a DAW later.
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Let us all know how it works. This has been a long issue and I was surprized to see this option available. Does it solve the problem? Yea or Nay?
Jump to new posts Merging tracks in Real Band by silvertop @ Today at 06:32 AM

(BB 2015 & Real Band build 417. Win 8)) As I understand the manual to merge I highlight my four tracks (mono), select destination track in menu box, decide to keep fx etc. However on OK I am told my destination track has data on it and therefore cannot be used. It hasn't. It does have straight blue lines though. In fact all 48 tracks are seen as having data on them as I cannot use 'insert blank track command either' Am I configuring 'new file' incorrectly in some way?
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Originally Posted By: Jim FogleYou may want to contact PG Music Support. I updated my 2009 version of BIAB to 2021 yesterday and was delighted to get the included SynthFont 64 to work perfectly with all my GM soundfonts without any hassle. All instruments loaded automatically just like you described! As I haven’t bought the 2021 version of PowerTracks with 64-bit support yet, I couldn’t try it there, but of, course, I received the RealBand 2021 with BIAB! So I started it and hoped to have t
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