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Jump to new posts Re: Poor Bewildered Me by Jim @ 7 minutes 7 seconds ago

A very good write Bob... Sad but good... I agree with Mario & Hans about "hear-ar-ar-ar-art"... But I think perhaps it was the way the vocalist delivered the line & not the line itself.
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Jump to new posts Re: Chord input from USB/midi keyboard by Charlie Fogle @ 41 minutes 50 seconds ago

You can record your midi directly into BIAB. Use the solid red record midi button in the transport menu. There's no need to migrate between GarageBand or Logic. This video shows you exactly how to enter chords using your midi controller or synthesizer. Midi Chord Detection with Band In A Box
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Jump to new posts Re: Gear for playback mp3/midi (Merish?) by Charlie Fogle @ 54 minutes 41 seconds ago

With a library of 10.000+ karaoke midi files and BIAB styles, you may want to look at an SD/Flash drive player like professional/amateur DJ's use. They are capable of holding your entire collection, most have dual players for both redundancy and cueing. They are very durable and most have sufficient search features and other features you might find to be useful.
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The perfect marriage here. The backing is outstanding and so west-coast. The vocal is outstanding and delivers this sad and seedy tale slowly and with such a sense of inevitability. I mean that two ways. It sounds like it couldn't (and shouldn't) be otherwise, and as a listener I just knew this wasn't going to end with a win on American Idol. Those stories, by definition, rarely do. Left me pulling for her and what's left of normal.
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Jump to new posts Re: Problems with Mojave 10.14.1? by Bill Shafer @ Today at 07:01 AM

Originally Posted By: Kent - PG MusicHi, This is a warning that appears the first time you run any 32-bit program in Mojave. It should only appear once, and the the program should still work normally. Macs definitely still support 32-bit applications, though they are planning on dropping 64-bit support in the next OS. Is Band-in-a-Box not working properly after that message goes away? If so, that would be a separate issue, and possibly unrelated to that message. Please let us know what's goin
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Jump to new posts Re: Rust On The Rails by Tangmo @ Today at 06:49 AM

You'll have to forgive me for not really recognizing this "song-form". I've got nothing really to compare it to that jumps to mind more-so than 'opera'. What great little pictures laid out on the table in order, full of detail but still a little smokey. The Band sounds right, and Janice's vocals wrap around these stellar lines punctuating the sense of loss in the telling. Unique to my ears, and a beautiful listen.
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Tigz, That warning message will only display once for any given program or app. You will see it again for BIAB if there is an OS update. As far as the "free upgrade", I think PG Music's general policy would be "NO". I think they still offer a 30-day full refund policy, so if the 2019 version was released within 30 days of your purchase, you could probably "refund" the 2018 version and purchase the 2019 version. However, they don't announce in advance when the 2
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Jump to new posts Re: Gear for playback mp3/midi (Merish?) by mrgeeze @ Today at 06:07 AM

ajdvn, Please think long and hard before you purchase the Merish The unit you wish to purchase now may address your needs of today. Over time your needs will change. You will gain skill in your craft and want new capabilities. You will look to your manufacture to add these new features that others will have. You may be disappointed. Merish is only 1 company, with limited resources. Your 1000 euro beauty could well may become a boat anchor. Trust me, I have many such boat anchors I have collect
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Jump to new posts Re: The One by rsdean @ Today at 05:06 AM

Peter, Thank you - much appreciated. Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: The One by rsdean @ Today at 05:05 AM

Dani, Thanks so much. Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: The One by rsdean @ Today at 05:05 AM

Robert, Thanks - I appreciate that. Bob
Jump to new posts Re: A Short One by Notes Norton @ Today at 04:50 AM

Dizzy Gillespie song? Notes
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Jump to new posts Re: Band-in-a-Box Windows Cannot pick styles by VideoTrack @ Today at 04:22 AM

We want to help you resolve the issue. What is the Style that you chose that did not work? Was there any error message?
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Jump to new posts Re: Any way to change a bad ending. by VideoTrack @ Today at 04:18 AM

Originally Posted By: bowlesj... I am curious what the benefits of freezing the track are. I suspect in my situation where I have no way of knowing for sure how many chorus repeats I need to use on jam night I can't freeze tracks. Am I correct? John Hi John. The RealTracks are recordings of an artist who may play multiple different interpretations of musical passages of a particular chord or chord progression. These are all unique individual phrases. Each time you generate, BiaB selects these
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Jump to new posts Re: Poor Bewildered Me by Birchwood @ Today at 03:06 AM

What nice lyrics! Chapeau (French: Very well done) I agree a bit with Mario about that heart, but it vanishes immediately when hearing the lyrics and the way it was sung, so modest. And all packed in a sweet melody. Hans
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Jump to new posts Re: Rust On The Rails by Birchwood @ Today at 02:31 AM

Hi Janice and Bud, Melancholic song, performed in an excellent way, or many ways; the clearness of the instruments, the beautiful voice, and the nice lyrics. Makes you longing to yesterday... Bye, Hans
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I purchased BiaB 2018 for the Mac yesterday and got this message. It went away and I have not seen it since, and everything seems to work fine. Someone posted that there should be a 2019 64 bit Mac version appearing soon. Would this be a free upgrade as I have only just purchased the 2018 version. Tigz
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Jump to new posts Re: Uillean Pipes by furry @ Today at 02:11 AM

+ 1
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Jump to new posts Re: Rust On The Rails by Chris37 @ Today at 01:37 AM

Hi Janice and Bud, Even if I don't understand each word of this song (because I'm french), I feel all the nostalgia there's in it ! Thanks for sharing this great song. Christian
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Jump to new posts Re: Rust On The Rails by rayc @ Today at 01:13 AM

It's a very clear sketch of recollections. Almost carries the smells as well. Excellent vocals on top of a very evocative backing.
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Hello Giorgio It's true you're right there is a big imbalance compared to jazz music indeed more pop / rock melodist sets would be a plus a rebalancing would be welcome in + I love pop rock music and I also practice Latin music but without wanting to offend because it is not at all my goal, can say that there is too much jazz? Many yes I do not think for jazz practitioners there will never be too many, and for those who practice pop rock there is not enough. I wish you good day and good music b
Other than don’t copy or don’t sample other folks. Can anyone tell me what this guy actually said. I could not say I was in anyway enlightened (but then again American English is not my native tongue.) Tony
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Jump to new posts Re: ♪ The Best Gift Of All (Mama, Thank You) by Al-David @ Today at 12:32 AM

Noel ... Stunningly beautiful! You've never sounded better. Everything concerning this is just so well done. This song is universal, timeless and gorgeous. Thank you for that emotional listen. Wishing you and yours the very best ... Alan
Jump to new posts Re: Auto-Tune Software that works with RealBand? by Pipeline @ Today at 12:26 AM

I just downloaded this installed it on WinXP and it loaded into the 32bit VSTHost. It gives you so many trial days. You can also use ReaTune in Reaper combined with ReaTrak it will import the tracks and chords from RealBand, Biab or the BiabVst Plugin running in Reaper. Reaper has themes to give whatever mixing board you like. Or you can send the audio from the Realband track to Reaper with ReaStreamVST in RealBa
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Originally Posted By: Noel96Hi Greg and Alan, What a song!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening. This could be on any radio station, anywhere in the world, and people would instantly feel comfortable with what they're hearing... it's first class music all the way. A terrific write and an outstanding presentation! All the best, Noel Hi Noel ... Thank you so much. Greg deserves the biggest round of applause. Isn't he just the best??!! Glad you liked it! Best to you ... Alan
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