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Jump to new posts Re: Biab FX Slots Synth & Audio FX Chaining by DeaconBlues09 @ 1 minute 50 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: PipelineYou are force into to only chaining an Audio FX plugin after a Synth or Audio FX VST/VSTi. So you need to use something like MiniHost where green is midi and yellow audio. Yup! Also necessary if you want a MIDI arpeggiator, such as BlueArp in your chain before your soft-synth
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Jump to new posts Re: Recording problem by Noel96 @ 5 minutes 5 seconds ago

PART 3 of 3
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Jump to new posts Re: Shufflin' Down by EdZ314 @ 18 minutes 36 seconds ago

Thanks everyone for the great feedback and comments. I'm going to use that positive energy to create some new and better tracks, while I listen and learn from the stars here.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fred plays Fred by RichMac @ 23 minutes 47 seconds ago

Hi Fred Listened to 'over later en toen'. Quite delightful sound over all and love your lead guitar. Cheers.
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Jump to new posts Re: The American President by RichMac @ 32 minutes 27 seconds ago

Hi Cliff, Did enjoy this a lot. No idea what the lyrics are but good fun anyway. Cheers.
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Jump to new posts Re: Busy, Crazy World (the Ray C. remix!) by rayc @ 32 minutes 40 seconds ago

To be upfront and honest all I did was treat the vocal to address some of the proximity effect, plosives and sibilants with a little EQ automation fo the former and preFX volume automation for the latter two. The arrangement and mix are all James' considered and gentle work. I was keen to work on this becasue James' vocal is much more confident than usual which, as we all know, lead to a better overall performance. Thanks for the opportunity James and for the generous mention.
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Jump to new posts Re: Recording problem by Noel96 @ 43 minutes 47 seconds ago

PART 2 of 3 Moving audio in Realband continued... Now it's necessary to estimate how much to move the audio. To do this... 4. Listen to the audio. It's easy to hear the the beat 1 timing is not quite correct. For jazz, though, this is fine. For the purposes of this exercise, I want to line-up the word "Listen" so that it plays on beat 1. The highest point on the the first syllable's blob (i.e. the wave diagram of the sound) is where the main part of the syllable "Li-" oc
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Jump to new posts Re: Recording problem by Noel96 @ 44 minutes 40 seconds ago

Hi ライミン, Here's how I go about moving audio in Realband (RB). FIRSTLY... Here's how I move a section of audio. I've loaded the PG Music demo called "\bb\Documention | Tutorials - Audio Harmony | LISTEN.SGU". I encourage you to work through this with me. 1. Set the resolution of Realband quarter notes to 120 PPQ. The easiest way to do this is to deactivate the "Convert PPQ of loaded files to:" and then RB's parts per quarter note will be 120 ticks. (See IMAGE 1 b
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Jump to new posts Biab FX Slots Synth & Audio FX Chaining by Pipeline @ Today at 09:28 PM

You are force into to only chaining an Audio FX plugin after a Synth or Audio FX VST/VSTi. So you need to use something like MiniHost where green is midi and yellow audio.
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Jump to new posts Re: Deli Green Dust by Tommyc @ Today at 07:46 PM

Thanks Alan!
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Jump to new posts Re: Deli Green Dust by Tommyc @ Today at 07:46 PM

Thanks CaptainMoto!
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Jump to new posts Re: Deli Green Dust by Tommyc @ Today at 07:45 PM

Thanks David!
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Jump to new posts Re: Deli Green Dust by Tommyc @ Today at 07:44 PM

Thanks Ezekiel's Storm, the Titles come from the 50 Title generator, and I combine the words from it's suggestions.
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Jump to new posts Re: Dirty Low Down Blues © J Hughes by TuneMonger @ Today at 07:24 PM

Like that low register singing! Good for a blues tune, though this sounds more country. Good one, dude.
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Jump to new posts Re: Key commands gives wrong response. by Jim Fogle @ Today at 06:34 PM

If the user is using a laptop, another item to check if the laptop "function" key is inverted.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fred plays Fred by CaptainMoto @ Today at 06:15 PM

I like it! Your musical training is paying off, the guitar sounds great. Gilmour nailed it!
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JohnnyRock, There are three routes to announcing an issue. One route is to create a forum thread. Other forum members using the same software can duplicate your steps and determine if they receive comparable results. Typically, they will announce their results in a reply to the original post. Despite the many posts by various PG Music employees in the forum I do not believe PG Music employees reads each post. Therefore it is likely a thread announcing an issue may get lost in the crowd of
Malbogle? Go right ahead From Wikipedia: "Malbolge (/mælˈboʊldʒ/) is a public domain esoteric programming language invented by Ben Olmstead in 1998, named after the eighth circle of hell in Dante's Inferno, the Malebolge. Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost impossible to use, via a counter-intuitive 'crazy operation', base-three arithmetic, and self-altering code.[1] It builds on the difficulty of earlier, challenging esoteric languages (such as Brain#$%^ and Befunge),
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Jump to new posts Re: When Saving (An option for MP3)? by rharv @ Today at 05:34 PM

From memory, you end up with an executable install file (.exe) .. double clicking installs it. You may have to reboot once afterwards so the new codecs get loaded by Windows. Installing it should be a familiar windows install routine, again from memory. /if you find joy, by all means let us know
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Jump to new posts Re: I Gave In The Other Day by CaptainMoto @ Today at 05:25 PM

Very nice sentiment in the lyrics and the the arrangement. I like it. I thought the mix was perfect for this song. I love lyrics with a story and if it's a personal experience it makes it so much better. Well done.
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That's a pretty well rounded production. I think this could be even better if the vocal EQ was adjusted a bit. The vocalist has a fantastic voice, I'd feel better if it was a little brighter and floating over the orchestra rather than muddled in the middle. My recommendation would be cut the EQ a bit around 200 hz and in turn boost the EQ around 3 k and again at 10 -20 k to add a little air. Nice song!
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Jump to new posts Re: When Saving (An option for MP3)? by goofeyfoot @ Today at 04:55 PM

Rharv: When you get K-Lite, how do you install it? Thanks. Michael
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Jump to new posts Re: FILL ME AGAIN by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 04:41 PM

Thanks Deryk for taking time to listen and comment! I always appreciate it! T
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Jump to new posts Re: REPOST: MLK Tribute by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 04:39 PM

I believe I remember this Greg! I think it was about the first tune I heard of yours and it's still impressive! A great tribute that is beautifully performed and produced! Thanks, Torrey
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Jump to new posts Re: Saved By Stories by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 04:34 PM

That was awesome Robert! I admire so much your lyrical ability...wish I had the ability to weave words like you! A great little melody to boot also! Thanks, Torrey!
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Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Windows users!!! The latest FREE patch (build 713) and DAW Plugin Update 2.4.5 is available - learn more and download here.

Summary of changes for build 713:
Fixed: Rendered audio files might be silent if mono and 24 bit are selected.
Fixed: Possible crash when rendering to audio at 48.0kHz or 96.0kHz sample rate.
Improved: Better support for localized versions.
Fixed: Importing audio files that were 96 kHz sampling rate would fail.
Fixed: The [More Info...] button in the Artist Browser dialog would launch the wrong web page.
Fixed: Importing an ABCNotation file would not include the key signature.
Fixed: ABC files only opening some chords.
Fixed: Problem storing minor keys.(ampersand).
Fixed: A few artists not displaying properly in Artist Browsers.
Improved: RealDrums Picker information for the 2020 RealDrums has been updated/improved.
Fixed: Some of the RealDrums from the 2020 release did not have drum groove names.
Improved: All of the 2020 MIDI SuperTracks now have memos.
Fixed: Some RealTracks were listed under the incorrect Set# in the RealTracks Picker.
Fixed: _Gentle style from Xtra PAK 4 had an acoustic guitar set to Held mode.
Fixed: Some ska style demos had drum drop outs.
Fixed: Rendered files were not being normalized.
Fixed: Pressing spacebar in the Notation window might launch a web browser instead of starting playback.
Fixed: Practice window | Master Solos | Blues Piano, displays N/A.
Fixed: MusicXML files created by Band-in-a-Box cannot be loaded by Band-in-a-Box if song title contains & (ampersand).
Fixed: Japanese lyrics are garbage text when saving to MusicXML.
Fixed: Various animations (eg. Guitar window notes) would freeze during playback if using MME drivers.
Fixed: With some computers, distorted audio when soloing a track.
Fixed: Changing a custom track label had no option to Undo, and did not prompt user to save song.
Updated: Manual/Help [routine updates]
Fixed: When re-saving a song that has an audio track, the audio track was not copied.
Fixed: Dropping a song file onto Band-in-a-Box did not set the current directory.
Fixed: The RealTracks picker window should remember its location when reopening.
Fixed: The Piano Roll window was opening at the wrong bar location.
Improved: Better quality audio resampling when rendering audio to higher sample rates.
Fixed: Resampler quality setting in ASIO drivers dialog was ignored.
Fixed: Using WAS audio drivers with 24 bit & 48kHz output rate might result in noise.

Summary of Changes for DAW Plugin Update 2.4.5 (Jan 21 2020)
Fixed: Opening Band-in-a-Box song files (.sgu) would fail if the file names and/or paths contained any European language characters (eg. à,è).
Fixed: Message if bbw4 has no valid handle
Fixed: Mute and sync buttons not working properly
Fixed: Clicking cancel would lag before cancelling
Fixed: Right-click anywhere on track for context menu
Fixed: Increase maximum chord sheet font size
Added: Double click track name to launch picker of currently selected track
Added: Flashing GENERATE button to notify if song needs to be regenerated
Added: Mute and sync buttons to track context menu
Added: Right-click chord opens bar settings menu at that bar
Added: Error code for bbw4 related error messages
Fixed: Plugin asking to save when booting the plugin and selecting File/Open
Fixed: Crash when running vst3 plugin in reaper
Fixed: Scroll bar margins when resizing plugin
Fixed: Bar settings not saving
Fixed: Time Base, and Natural Arrangement not saving settings
Fixed: Calling bbw4 when already open will bring windows to front
Fixed: Tool tips in Preferences Dialog
Fixed: Time signature should be set from DAW when first opened
Fixed: Set "..." colours for truncated chords to black
Fixed: Selected track in table should be more obvious
Fixed: Click YES to Save dialog and then cancel will reset save state to true
Added: Right click for track table context menu
Added: Medley/Multi (thickening) feature

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-The Audio Edit window now displays chords and tempos for each bar. They are shown when the Audio Chord Wizard mode is active so that you can see the tempo for each bar as you set the bar lines.
-When you start entering bar lines, the program automatically sets the tempo to the tempo of the first bar.
-Once the tempo of the first bar is set, the program automatically moves the location of the first bar of audio over so that the visual space of the count-in bars is visible.
-After you’ve added the bar lines, IF you adjust the first or second bar and the tempo of the first bar changes accordingly, the program automatically changes the tempo of the song to match.
-Multi-window display. This gives the Audio Chord Wizard a multi-window view so that you can see and edit both the Audio Edit window and the Chords Sheet at the same time. This display is best viewed with a small toolbar mode. This allows you to see the chords as they are being interpreted by the wizard.
-The Audio Chord Wizard can send the transcribed MIDI notes to the Soloist track for further analysis by the user (via Piano Roll or Notation window). Note that this is a "snapshot" view every 8th note of the pitches present, not an attempt at polyphonic transcription. To use this feature, enable the "MIDI to Soloist" check box.

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Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows Patch Update Available! (Build 643)

Still using Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows? Build 643 is a free update full of updates for version 2019, and includes a VST DAW Plugin update to 1.16.29.

Learn more and download here. | Direct download

Note: this patch is not intended to update your version to the recently released Band-in-a-Box® 2020, which is available for purchase here.

Summary of Changes for Version 2019 Build 643 (Jan 14 2020):
Fixed: Practice window | Master Solos | Blues Piano, displays N/A.
Fixed: The Drop Station would not update if dropping a file onto Presonus Studio One.
Fixed: Possible freeze when importing compressed audio files.
Fixed: Crash with error "external exception C06D007F" while launching if using Windows XP.
Fixed: Access violation in Song Titles browser if no song is selected when clicking [Close].
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash during bootup if there is a problem with font installation (usually after upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10).
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash during bootup if an ASIO driver was previously selected, and the device is no longer connected to the computer.
Fixed: If an ASIO driver cannot connect during bootup, the default WAS driver should be used instead.
Improved: BootupLog.txt will include more elaborate information when troubleshooting bootup problems. This only applies if WriteBootUpLog.txt is present in the Data folder.
Fixed: RealTracks #2975 (Vocal Oohs-Aahs) sometimes played incorrect chords for m7b5 and C7.
Fixed: Some bars for the B section of RT 2529 were dropping out.
Fixed: Some Bass and Nylon Guitar RealTracks (including 2718, 2724, 2722, 2725, 2719) have RealCharts added.
Fixed: Several Piano and Organ MIDI SuperTracks have been edited to remove spurious MIDI events (e.g. mod wheel sometimes caused 'warbling' effect).
Updated: PDF and help (routine cleanup/updaes).
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash when opening a song that contains note-based lyrics.
Fixed: Lyrics would not display in the Big Lyrics if "Show chord symbols above the lyrics" was enabled.
Fixed: Bar Lyrics and Section Text layers do not line up with bars in Notation window if there are repeats in song, and fake sheet mode is enabled.
Fixed: Possible crash if editing a text layer while using the floating Notation Window.
Fixed: "There is no audio file currently recorded" error message when using Audio > Plugin.
Fixed: If using the 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box, the BB2Go window would display an erroneous QuickTime version, and converting files to .m4a would fail. QuickTime is only available for the 32 bit version, but is only required if using Windows Vista or earlier.
Fixed: Sforzando might not automatically be added to the VST list, causing Hi-Q patch selection to fail.
Fixed: [Video] > Render Video(s)... menu item should launch the Make Chordsheet Video dialog if Video RealTracks export is not available.
Fixed: When choosing a compressed format for rendering files, and "One file per track" is enabled, the resulting files are .wav format instead of the compressed format.
Fixed: Dragging a single track to export MIDI causes that track to be permanently soloed.
Fixed: The About dialog said 'for Macintosh' instead of 'for Windows'.
Fixed: StylePicker: User Category list wasn't refreshing after choosing a new user category.
Changed: Default the 'include similar styles in the stylepicker' to false each bootup.
Fixed: melodists were getting quantized incorrectly.
Fixed: Rebuilding styles list was causing errors sometimes.
Fixed: Clicking OK in the MIDI/Audio Driver Setup dialog should not close the floating Mixer window.
Fixed: Applying audio effects using Audio > Plugins would fail with error "Plugin cancelled. Original file is preserved".
Fixed: Audio will not import to a custom position if there is already audio on the Audio track.
Fixed: Audio > Edit Audio > Timeshift Audio would crash the program if the Audio Edit window was not open.
Fixed: Close button in Select chorus start/end dialog should behave like Cancel, ie user clicking on bar afterwards shouldn't do anything.
Fixed: Wrong notes on Oohs and Aahs RealTracks.

Summary of changes for Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin 1.16.29:
Fixed: bounds when highlighting in chord sheet
Fixed: make selected cell at the end after pasting
Fixed: some styles not dragging all tracks from blue button
Fixed: losing focus in chord sheet
Fixed: plugin stops playing non-synced tracks when closing and then opening plugin
Fixed: track text not resizing correctly
Fixed: C#7b5b9b13 to chord sheet
Fixed: Audio stutters when resizing plugin in some DAWs
Fixed: auto gen after open feature not working in Studio One 4
Fixed: Open dialog in infinite loop
Fixed: Alert window buttons "punch hole" when pressed
Fixed: distortion when stopping playback in pro tools
Fixed: Verify folders before each call to Biab
Fixed: Send space bar keystrokes to DAW
Fixed: Added message if attempting to drag tracks before generating
Fixed: Transpose not working
Added: shift-arrows to select in chord sheet
Added: SHIFT-TAB to go backwards in chord sheet, TAB to go forward
Added: SHIFT-ENTER to go backwards in chord sheet
Added: copy selected cell if nothing highlighted
Added: support for all Biab file types

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