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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
Hmmmm.... I doubt that is a problem with the BiaB program itself. That is definitely only related to a Windows O/S function. I tried here at it works for me (Windows 10, latest BiaB build). Can you advise the exact steps? What you have running, minimized etc? Does it work for all other programs and only not for BiaB? What happens if you press Windows Key and Tab? Does BiaB appear in the screen list and allow to select it?
doesn't work on RB 32 bit either so if RB 32 bit is RB 2020 then its been broken for a long time
Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
This didn't seem to be a problem a couple updates ago, but now BIAB 2021 is not responding to Alt + Tab in Windows 10 (to scroll through your open windows).
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Jump to new posts Re: Fly With Me (instrumental) by musician17 @ 42 minutes 42 seconds ago

Oh my word. THANKS, everyone. RayC: what a compliment that is! It's always so flattering to receive such nice comments from such great musicians as you are. You'll forgive me for feeling like I'm walking on clouds for a few moments, right? :-) Thank you!
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Jump to new posts Bring Peace Tonight by musician17 @ 46 minutes 6 seconds ago

Thank you so much for listening and for all comments! BRING PEACE TONIGHT Good morning, Lord ... how are You? Me? I feel Broken in two. Around me, now My brothers fight For the best part of A long, long night ... And I would like to live And help them, maybe But I'm just a child, I'm just a child ... And I would like to love And help them, you see, But I'm just a child, I'm just a child ... *** Good
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Jump to new posts Re: Carry My Soul by musician17 @ 51 minutes 29 seconds ago

What I love about your songs is that you do your own thing and don't seem to care much about anything else, musically speaking - which is, to me, absolutely fantastic. This is top notch, once more. So uplifting. And the lyrics ... yes. Oh, and your vocal technique: WOW. :-) Congratulations - sincerest congratulations.
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Jump to new posts Re: Quarter and a Bible by musician17 @ 57 minutes 35 seconds ago

Standing ovation from me. The lyrics are simply extraordinary, and the music is just perfect for them. Love every word and every phrase. Beautiful guitar solo in the middle. This is nothing short of an instant classic, for me. Bravo. P.S. the mother in this song sounds so much like my own. It's like I could hear her advice echoing in my ears. I kinda cried a little. Thanks.
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Jump to new posts Re: Simply Blue by ROG @ 58 minutes 13 seconds ago

Hi Mario, After a hard and difficult day you can't beat playing the blues to bring you round. This is just SO relaxed and nicely done - I always like your jazz-blues stuff. Beautiful. ROG.
Jump to new posts Re: DAY JOB? by rharv @ Today at 03:36 AM

Originally Posted By: PlanobillyWhat part of the Bermuda triangle did you guys say you were living And out new Day Job is keeping Eddie out of Billy
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Jump to new posts Re: The Rhythm of the Road by ROG @ Today at 03:34 AM

Hi Dave and Marty, Rock-on boys, this is fabulous. Great song and stellar performances all round. You do this stuff SO well. ROG.
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Jump to new posts Re: Simply Blue by musician17 @ Today at 03:33 AM

Phenomenal, as always. What am I to say? You never fail. What a joy to just listen, forget about everything and just let the sound wash over me. More, please!
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Jump to new posts Re: how to deal with latency by rharv @ Today at 03:31 AM

Do they stay the same amount of time apart, or does one wander further and further from the other?
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Jump to new posts Re: Up Funk by ROG @ Today at 03:29 AM

Hi Cap'n, Fun, fun, fun, from start to finish. A great groove and a fabulous video. (How do you get around copyright with those clips?) Loved it! ROG.
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Jump to new posts Re: In the Name of Jesus by musician17 @ Today at 03:26 AM

Beautiful!!! This is an original of yours, right? Wow!!! Never out of place anywhere along the great hymns, and that's saying something. Love it. Bravo.
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Hi Chulaivet, A super-cool, funky, jazz-blues. Loved it. The feel of the track reminded me of a British band from the 1980s called Shakatak, who you won't have heard of, but play a similar funky style. Fabulous bass which really drives the song along and the guitar work is excellent. Great vocals throughout and clever lyrics which stay with you long after the song has finished. Nicely done! ROG.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
In my test, I did Melody, Edit, Copy to Soloist Track first. Then I transposed the melody track and muted it. This way, you hear the melody in the correct pitches coming from the Soloist track.
Jump to new posts Re: May I ask for style advice? by Cathie @ Today at 12:32 AM

David, oldmuso, you guys are so kind!! I appreciate your help and I'll try your methods once I get this thing working. It's not the writing process which has me so frustrated, you know? It's the actual BIAB process. Going to give it one more try and then if I still can't get it to work properly I'll ask for help in the live chat. It might be that it didn't install correctly or something. Honestly don't know.
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
I don't know if you know already about this issue on Mac/BIAB... I am under mac mojave and I have confirmation that it is the same thing under big sur, there is a problem when writing chords especially when adding the bass different from the chord, it's BIAB who randomly chooses the note, we type F he writes A etc with the "chord option" it is the same, he refuses to write the bass one chooses and biab chooses another one, another time he does not want to enter do # and you have to wri
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Jump to new posts Re: Are rhythmic hits possible? by zacworld @ Yesterday at 11:53 PM

Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite Folders on Mac - how does it work? by kovacs @ Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Thanks Ember, I’ll submit a support ticket. It’s the most recent version of BIAB for Mac 2020.
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Jump to new posts Re: PB d'ecriture de note dans une portée by Voltrane @ Yesterday at 11:18 PM

Je confirme! Galère totale pour rentrer des notes: la note rentrée est toujours beaucoup plus basse que celle demandée (un sol au lieu d’un do par exemple). Imprécision totale de la souris pour modifier, etc.Bref impression de toujours viser à côté même en modifiant les paramètres de l’écran (« par défaut » ou « à l’échelle »). Rien n’y fait. Je suis sous Macpro, Big Sur et BIAB à jour du patch correctif.
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Jump to new posts Re: My life belongs to you. New song Jona by JONA @ Yesterday at 10:34 PM

Thanks will! Jona
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Jump to new posts How to turn a Cocobolo log into 32 acoustic guitars! by VideoTrack @ Yesterday at 10:21 PM

How to turn a Cocobolo log into 32 acoustic guitars! (Fairly long and detailed, and certainly starts at the very start, but doesn't get to the finished product in this video)
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Jump to new posts Re: New song..."Stranger In A Strange Land"....thank you. by chulaivet1966 @ Yesterday at 10:05 PM

Hey Dero.... I thank you for giving it a spin and the kind words. Anything positive from our peers certainly means a lot to us song writers. Hey Moto.... I thank you also taking the time to listen and comment favorably. Agreed, that BIAB backup band is the best thing since the invention of bacon. Much appreciated....have a great weekend.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Originally Posted By: Matt FinleyGreat job, Noel! Second, there is no visual indication you've done this! Be careful to save the song under a different name, so you don't recall it someday and be puzzled why the melody sounds 'off'. Yep, brand new title is the key otherwise you wouldn't know till the second or third measure and then strange looks all around :-)
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