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Jump to new posts Re: Dancing With the Goddess by David Snyder @ 04/11/21 07:58 PM

Thanks Scott!
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Jump to new posts Re: Never Let You Go by Guitarhacker @ 04/11/21 07:08 PM

Good job on the song. That's a great song. And.... Good to see you back in fine fashion.
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Jump to new posts Re: Music Underwater ( Spirit Level) by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 06:28 PM

What a great track. The lyrics are inspired and the instrumentation and arrangement excellent.
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Jump to new posts Re: Your Laptop experiences wanted....! by justanoldmuso @ 04/11/21 06:23 PM

Stefan. instead of useing the slow sd card slot on a laptop. just make sure you get a laptop with spare usb ports. THEN just hook up a very fast external solid state drive over usb eg or put a nvme or m.2 in an emclosure and hook up to usb. small enough to carry in a pocket etc. eg the startech above is vedry fast 5gbps. the KEY is a laptop with spare high speed usb ports. NOTE i dont like
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Jump to new posts Re: Elena by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 06:23 PM

Sweet tone and melody. The love shows through...
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WOW !! Classy, well crafted, and the Lead Vocalist definitely delivered. I've always wanted that kind of voice but I was born in the 1st tenor falsetto range :-) I think this is definitely something you should put out for distribution (if you haven't already done so). Stiff competition in that space but this one can stand on it's own. Cheers Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: Lone Wolf by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 06:19 PM

Great track. Love the lyrics, singing and the guitar chops. The bass and drums are a really good choice for this number. I've made a note of the style for future reference! Listened to some of your other tracks as well and am very impressed. Good stuff.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cameraman. A joint effort with Ray by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 06:11 PM

What a groove. Absolutely love the lyrics.
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Jump to new posts Re: audio pops in rendered wav tracks by Walznhabibi @ 04/11/21 06:08 PM

I'll try that one and let you know what happens. edit: I tried pointing to the 2021 ssd in the prefs boxes for real drums and real tracks. No joy. It looks to me like the actual style has to be installed by the 2021 app as well as the new real drums/tracks files for that style. And I have a feeling that if 2021 installs it 2020 won't read it. I reckon there is no forward compatability. From a software licensing point of view that makes sense, otherwise people could share new styles for free.
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Jump to new posts Re: Guitar instrumentals by Ghostgum @ 04/11/21 06:03 PM

While your guitar was gently weeping, I was enjoying every moment. Great track.
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Jump to new posts Guitar instrumentals by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 06:00 PM

For these two tracks I used BIAB to establish the song structure - experimenting with chords, tempo and time signatures as well as the song format. I also used it as backing while I worked out the melody etc. In the recording nothing remains of the original BIAB tracks as I elected to play all the parts myself except for the drums which are EZdrummer. Not really the usual BIAB process but I'm finding this works for me quite well... Blue Planet Blues This track is basically a blues although I ex
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Jump to new posts Never Let You Go by 90 dB @ 04/11/21 05:58 PM

A love song. Regards, Bob
Jump to new posts Re: How many from the forum have you met? by MarioD @ 04/11/21 05:46 PM

I have met Matt, Pat Marr, and Danny Campo. Next year I hope to make the trip that has been cancelled twice already down south and hopefully met some of the other forum members.
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Jump to new posts Re: Take My Hand by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 05:44 PM

Really nice groove. Good lyrics, vocal and production.
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Thanks Henry! Always nice to link the song, huh? Take care. Greg
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Where's the song? I don't see it listed here.
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Jump to new posts Re: New song: WANDERING by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 05:28 PM

I enjoyed that little wander Mike...
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Jump to new posts Re: New song: WANDERING by mkg50 (Mike G) @ 04/11/21 05:20 PM

Originally Posted By: BabuMusicLove it, Mike! way to take control of the band. The opening reminded me of Till There Was You, but after those 4 bars you took it on a brilliant path of enjoyment. Thanks for listening Marty. Your informed comments are always most welcome. Cheers, Mike
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Jump to new posts Re: Lovers' Secrets by Chris Dent @ 04/11/21 05:07 PM

Excellent song and a great performance. One of your best IMO. Even though I am a guitar player I still occasionally use Ample guitars and basses. I think they have a free bass as well - worth checking out. I have occasionally used BB midi files to play Ample sounds - especially their upright bass (unfortunately not a freebee).
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Jump to new posts NEW SONG POST: Beautiful (another sung by Earl C Webb) by Greg Johnson @ 04/11/21 05:05 PM

Hello forum friends. Been listening to some killer stuff!! I really appreciate all the kind comments about my last post. I always read them but I don't get around often enough (was tutoring my daughter for chemistry class) and didn't want to keep pulling the post off page 3.....things move fast around here these days. I always loved the R and B ballads of the 80's (Anita Baker, James Ingram, Luther Vandross). Always wanted to write one but couldn't sequence tracks to sound right....
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Jump to new posts Re: MAGIC TOUCH by Greg Johnson @ 04/11/21 04:57 PM

Really pleasant song!!! The groove is infectious! I usually write R and B from the hook outward myself, so I like the idea! Everything here works very well from my perspective!! Take care. Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: Take My Hand by Ezekiel's Storm @ 04/11/21 04:54 PM

Love the deep voice. Vocal sounds good. Great mix and cool song.
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Jump to new posts Re: Get Gone by Greg Johnson @ 04/11/21 04:53 PM

Sounds like vintage RSDean to me!!! You have such a distinct and pleasant style of writing and production......always love to hear your songs!!! Take care. Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: Cameraman. A joint effort with Ray by Greg Johnson @ 04/11/21 04:49 PM

A treat for the ears!!! Some wonderful images in the lyrics!! Great sound and production to top it all off!!! Take care. Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: (Home) Before the Street Lights Come On by Ezekiel's Storm @ 04/11/21 04:49 PM

Wow! That was super cool and expertly produced. Everything is crisp and clean in the mix, and I like stereo panning as already has been mentioned. I've got this cranked on my studio speakers as I am listening a second time. Love it.
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