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Jump to new posts Get up offa that thing by mrgeeze @ Today at 01:28 PM

Funk Funk Funk and more funk Meters Professor Longhair John Scofield. What about Bootsy? Charles Brown for a little go-go
Jump to new posts Has anyone here use LANDR by Planobilly @ Today at 12:31 PM

Many things have changed in the last few years concerning the Mechanical license and I assume synchronization license. LANDR advertised they can get you a mechanical license for $15 per song if you are a member at $10 a month. Anyone ever use this company? Billy
Jump to new posts Can I use SONAR 7 in Win10 ? by sixchannel @ Today at 08:55 AM

For sure S7 is old but works fine in my old XP And Win7 too,so I am told. Does anyone know if Sonar7 works in Win10. Also I won't be going to Win11 as my old PC wont handle it. All info appreciated. Bests Ian
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Jump to new posts C'est pas si facile (Funk) by Chris37 @ Today at 08:17 AM

Hi all, Patrick Fournerat has written the french lyrics and he sings. Some people decide to give it all up and go to live another life somewhere else, but it's not so easy and it doesn't work every time... RD FunkSanFran RT 2613 Electric Bass RT 3750 Electric Guitar RT 3751 Electric Guitar RT 3774 Electric Guitar RT 3775 Electric Guitar RT 3617 Electric Guitar RT 3247 Solo Electric Guitar
RealBand Wishlist
If I click on the Piano Roll Icon, the Piano Roll Window opens as additional window lying over the tracks view. In the size of that window, I can't see many notes at once - so I then maximize the Piano Roll Window. But the effect of that is not a true Window Maximization, but an integration into the Main Window instead - which can show a few more notes than before but is still quite limited in size. On one hand, I guess that the current existing option to integrate the pinao roll window into th
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Jump to new posts I Wish I Could Say by jakestone161 @ Yesterday at 09:06 PM

I WISH I COULD SAY I Wish I Could Say Hybrid Style: Key C, Tempo: 97 bpm Bass: ~2474:Bass, Acoustic, Held Ev 085 Drums: RealDrums=RockHardLA^7-a:Snare, Bellride , b:Snare, Crash Ride This started as poem was inspired by the lyrics of “It’s Been A While By Stained” and “Wishlist” by Pearl Jam. When I got the copyright notice for the poem, I decided to write some music for it as just an acoustic guitar piece. I ended up recording it on electric with a light chorus. Over a year l
Jump to new posts There is some lovely music in BIAB by Planobilly @ Yesterday at 09:32 AM

This is a short 15-second clip from a .wav file played by Brent before the BIAB algorithms got hold of it. Amazingly good! I am exploring ways to select certain segments of this sort of thing and pitch shift to change the chord structure. Billy
I just heard Band-in-a-Box on YouTube
Jump to new posts Apparent commercial release of a song using BIAB by Charlie Fogle @ Yesterday at 04:48 AM

Hanging you out to Dry - Wynona Dove This was posted in one of the BIAB FB pages announcing this artists new commercial single release. I read the back story and watched the video and listened to the song on YouTube. The artist states most of the backing tracks were made using BIAB 2021 Mac. It's a nice performance and production. I've attached some screenshots from FaceBook of her BIAB comments.
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Jump to new posts Alternatives Ende by Dandi @ Yesterday at 04:05 AM

Hallo zusammen, dies ist mein erster Post in diesem Forum - ich bin ganz frisch bei BiaB, mit Version 2021 (Mac). Das Handbuch ist mein Freund aber bei einer Sache hilft es mir bisher nicht. Es geht um eine 12-taktige Form die als Thema einmal wiederholt wird. Dann wird über diese Form soliert (je 24 Takte) und anschliessend das Thema zum Ende gespielt. Soweit so normal. Das Ende besteht nun aber aus den 12 Takten, wobei die Takte 11&12 anders sind und zusätzliche 3 zusätzliche Takte d
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Jump to new posts ELVIS PRESLEY I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU by Sironedragon @ Yesterday at 02:00 AM

Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Easy Audio Edit by Pipeline @ 10/23/21 05:33 PM

This was requested in the Wishlist: Drag Audio Maybe it will make things easier ???
Jump to new posts Cecil Ramirez by eddie1261 @ 10/23/21 01:40 PM

Some of the jazz folks may know Cecil. He's a really strong piano guy out of Sacramento who like everybody else lost a whole year of income opportunities and ended up streaming on Facebook for tips. Well, talk about timing.... In late July, after that year of Covid forced unemployment, Cecil was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. When I read that I literally cried. Cecil is THE nicest guy ever, and this is just another level of life not being fair that a sweet man like this gets cancer a
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Jump to new posts PAT MARTINO AFFIRMATION REAL TRACK 195 by Sironedragon @ 10/22/21 02:53 PM

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Jump to new posts PROJECT M presents DIVIDED BY LIES by PROJECT M @ 10/22/21 12:24 PM

Hello everyone ;-) The song DIVIDED BY LIES was written because of the fact that in the last almost eighteen months of the pandemic, most people around the world have been lied to and deprived of their freedoms by their governments. The attempt to divide people into two classes is now the next chapter in a failed policy. I hope you like the song, which was created entirely with BiaB 2021: Listen to DIVIDED BY LIES All the best and please stay healthy Andi ;-) ****** Song Summary *
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Jump to new posts Some help for a completely new user (Melodist option) by an_thunder @ 10/22/21 12:01 AM

Hello guys!! Nice to meet you all. I'm a guitar student and I just bought the UltraPak version of BIAB as this program is great tool for creating backing tracks, getting some new chords progressions/solos ideas ideas or just to create some random music. And is regarding all of this that I have a very basic question about the melodist function. I watched and read almost all the tutorials but I still have no idea of how to use it properly. What I'm trying to do is basically, pick a style (for
RealBand Wishlist
Jump to new posts Massive Profound Wish by Pipeline @ 10/21/21 04:49 PM

This was posted in the RealBand thread as it was not suppose to be a wish as such as I had given up basically on RB but there are other users that love it and those that hate it not that you can blame them. I do believe there is hope still for it as it did have a place in my heart and these implementations could get back the haters: RealBand Future ?
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Jump to new posts PAT MARTINO WITH BIG BAND AUTUMN LEAVES REAL TRACK 195 by Sironedragon @ 10/20/21 10:42 PM

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Jump to new posts PAT MARTINO FROM CONSCIOUSNESS ALBUM by Sironedragon @ 10/20/21 02:53 PM

PAT MARTINO FROM CONSCIOUSNESS ALBUM PAT MARTINO FROM CONSCIOUSNESS ALBUM USING band in a box real tracks 195 pat martino presonus notation 6
Best of YouTube
Jump to new posts Your first phone again by pghboemike @ 10/20/21 07:06 AM

PG Music News
A Look Back... Band-in-a-Box® 2015 NAMM Demonstration #TBT

Watch Tobin (and Charlie!) demonstrate Band-in-a-Box® 2015 for Windows at the 2015 NAMM Show: Play video...

Tobin does a great job of showing just how easy it is to create a song with Band-in-a-Box!

This video was posted on January 23, 2015 to the Keyboard Instrument Chops and Gear YouTube Channel.

Enhance Your Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows Installation

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows users - update for FREE today!

We've added a new "record using" option within the Audio Settings dialog, and updated many existing features based on user feedback.

This free update also includes the most recent build of our DAW Plugin (3.9.12).

Learn more about this free update and download it today.

Ordering Your Band-in-a-Box® is Easy!

When you order any PG Music products directly from (or you'll receive immediate links to start downloading your order! Even if you choose to have a backup copy of your Band-in-a-Box® packages shipped, you'll still have the download links available to you - no need to wait!

We've made it even easier to get started with Band-in-a-Box® with the Easy Payment Plan 4 - when you choose this payment option you'll pay four equal monthly payments starting on the day of your order.

Choose your Band-in-a-Box® for Windows package & order here.

Using Mac? Order here.

When you get to the checkout, simply click on Select Easy Payment Plan 4 for this product to apply this option.

Note: This only applies to this Band-in-a-Box product, and does not apply to other products that you might have in your order, including the physical backup copy if selected.

Band-in-a-Box® File Associations

You may have noticed when you were installing Band-in-a-Box® for Windows that you were asked if you would like to Associate Band-in-a-Box songs and styles with Band-in-a-Box? But, what does that mean?

It's actually pretty simple - basically, if you select this option while you're installing the program, files with the extensions .SGU, .MGU, and other Band-in-a-Box files will open directly in the program if you select them from outside the program.

Missed this option during your setup, but you'd like to apply it now? Go to File | File Utilities | Associate File types with Explorer within the program.

New Update for RealBand 2021 Available!

Do you use RealBand (included in all Band-in-a-Box® for Windows purchases)? Download the latest free update, which resolves a small viewing issue for Windows 11 users.

When you download the latest update for RealBand 2021, it will add all the updates we've made this year. See the full list here.

Ear Training Games in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows

October 1, 2021 is National Kids Music Day!

Head to the Practice Window in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows, and you'll see fun games that are fun ear training options for kids: Music Replay & Pitch Invasion.

Of course, you don't have to be a kid to like these games, I think there a fun way to learn at any age!

Music Replay is just what it sounds like - the program plays a 1-bar melody, and the user plays it back. Get it right, and you'll keep building that melody (and skill) within the game - get it wrong, and you'll be met with a warning tone and have to try again... it's quite addictive, and a lot of fun!

If you like a classic arcade game, then you'll love Pitch Invasion! We've managed to incorporate aliens with pitch-recognition skills in this exciting game, where you'll match the pitch of the alien ship descending towards your planet trying to destroy your collection of instruments - match the pitch and you've saved your instruments, make a mistake and the ship keeps coming... you'll have a few tries to get it right, if you're quick, but if all your instruments are destroyed - it's game over! The game speeds up as your skills improve, and you'll earn points along the way, with bonus points available throughout the game.

Open up your Band-in-a-Box® for Windows today to give it a try!

These ear training games are also included in Musical Arcade for Windows.

How to Make Backing Tracks with Band-in-a-Box®, by Nick Kellie

Band-in-a-Box® endorsing artist Nick Kellie recently got his hands on the newest Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Mac, and put together this video showing off just how easy it is to make backing tracks in Band-in-a-Box®!

Band-in-a-Box Demo - How to make backing tracks

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