Ear training on-the-go! Download the Pitch Invasion Free App on iTunes to make pitch learning fun and easy!

Pitch Invasion is based on old-style classic arcade games. Aliens descend upon your home planet, intent on destroying your prized collection of musical instruments. It′s your job to blast them out of the sky by recognizing the pitch that they are playing, and by playing that pitch yourself before they reach the ground. If they reach the ground, one of your 15 musical instruments will be destroyed. Once your instruments are all destroyed, it's Game Over! As you blast the aliens, you can move up to harder, faster levels. Points are awarded for blasting aliens and the higher the level, the more points you get. Bonus points are also awarded in other areas throughout the game.

Note: Pitch Invasion is also included with a Band-in-a-Box for Windows purchase! To access the game from the program, go to the Window Menu and select "Practice Window" (also accessed by Alt Shift L) and choose the [Pitch Invasion] button!

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