42. How do I make a patch map for my synthesizer?

We include some patch maps (.pat files) with Band-in-a-Box®. Other patch maps are available for download from our website at:http://www.pgmusic.com/support_miscellaneous.htm. In addition, Band-in-a-Box® 2005 and higher include a utility which will automatically convert existing PowerTracks Pro Audio patch maps (.INI files) and Cakewalk Instrument Definition files (.INS files) to Band-in-a-Box® patch maps. To run this utility, open the 'Patches on Higher Banks' dialog in Band-in-a-Box® and press the [INI/INS...] button.

If you cannot find a patch map for your synth, you may wish to create one. We have written a tutorial on patch map creation .

Alyssa - PG Music