26. Why don't my Styles appear in the StylePicker window?

The BBW.LST text file located in the /Band-in-a-Box®/Data folder defines most of the information in the StylePicker window. This file is updated when we release new Styles so that the StylePicker window will recognize them. Band-in-a-Box® styles (.STY files) should all be located within the /Band-in-a-Box®/Styles folder. There are a few different explanations for why the styles wouldn't show up:

  • You may be filtering the StylePicker list by feel/tempo, or by Styles Set #. Click the [Show All] button.

  • You may be trying to view all the styles in a specific Styles Disk, but you don't have the "All Styles" category selected.

  • The StylePicker list may need to be rebuilt (normally this is done automatically when new styles are installed). Press the [Re-Build] button.

  • Download and install the latest update patch for your version, available from http://www.pgmusic.com/support_macintoshupdates.htm. It may include updated style support.

  • Are you wondering why some of the categories are empty, or have very few styles? You may have the basic "Pro" version of the program, which only includes a basic set of styles. You can get many more styles by upgrading to one of the MegaPAK (or higher) packages.

  • Are you looking for RealStyles, Styles with RealTracks, or Styles with RealDrums? These are installed with the RealTracks and RealDrums installers, not with the Band-in-a-Box® program installer.

  • Are you sure the styles installed to the correct place? Perhaps you have moved your Band-in-a-Box® folder from the default location in /Applications/Band-in-a-Box®. Or perhaps you are using an older installer that was intended for Band-in-a-Box® versions 12 and earlier - if you are using an older installer, it will install the styles to the Band-in-a-Box® Folder on the root level of your hard drive. Contact us to get an updated installer, or copy the CONTENTS of '/Band-in-a-Box® Folder/Styles' to '/Applications/Band-in-a-Box®/Styles'. Be certain to copy the contents of the folder only, and not to replace the entire Styles folder.

Alyssa - PG Music