42. What types of files can Band-in-a-Box and PowerTracks Pro Audio songs be saved as?

Band-in-a-Box saves files in its proprietary formats (.SGU, .MGU, .STY, etc.). You can also save your songs in the Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format (.MID - type 0 or type 1), .KAR format (Karaoke File Format), or convert your songs to .WAV files and a variety of compressed audio formats such as .MP3 and .WMA.

PowerTracks Pro Audio saves songs in its proprietary format (.SEQ), which includes both Audio and MIDI data, as well as mixer settings, text comments, and other information about your song. You can also save songs as Type 0 or Type 1 Standard MIDI Files (.MID), Karaoke files (.KAR), .WAV files, and a variety of compressed audio files, such as .MP3. You can import any of the file types above into the program.

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