54. Common pre-sales questions about RealDrums and RealTracks.
  • Will the RealTracks or RealDrums track play at any tempo that I choose? Yes - the RealDrums track will play in perfect sync with the rest of your tracks at any tempo you select in Band-in-a-Box. In addition, the drummer will change the way it plays based ONLY on the tempo that the song is played at, like a human drummer would. Each RealTracks instrument has an ideal tempo that it sounds best at, but it will automatically play in sync with your song at any tempo you choose. You can even change the tempo on-the-fly (while the song is playing). For the most common instruments (for example basic guitar strumming), there are a wide range of RealTracks available at different tempos.
  • Can I replace any MIDI track with a RealTracks instrument? Yes, you can replace any MIDI track in any Band-in-a-Box song or style with the RealTracks instrument of your choice. You can have any combination of MIDI and RealTracks in your song.
  • Will RealDrums only work with new RealDrums styles, or can I use RealDrums with older/existing styles? There are specific "styles with RealDrums" included with the program, but you can also have Band-in-a-Box replace the MIDI drum track in ANY of your existing and older styles, with RealDrums. This will add new life and realism to songs that you have already composed. There is a RealDrums settings dialog that allows you to specify how often you want RealDrums to replace the standard MIDI drum track.
  • Are RealTracks and Drums included when I save my song as a MIDI file for editing in another program? The RealTracks and RealDrums won't be part of the MIDI file because they are audio (not MIDI), however Band-in-a-Box will automatically save a wave file containing the audio tracks, and this can easily be imported into your audio and MIDI sequencer (for example PowerTracks Pro Audio) along with the MIDI file.
  • Will I still hear RealTracks if I play Band-in-a-Box through an external MIDI synth/sound module? Because the RealTracks are audio (not MIDI), they are not transmitted to an external hardware synthesizer via MIDI cables. The RealTracks will still be played through your computer's sound card, and you can mix the output from your sound card with the output of your sound module using audio cables.
  • I often render my songs to wave/MP3/WMA. Will the RealTracks be in my rendered wave files? Yes, the RealTracks are automatically merged into the rendered wave file.
Alyssa - PG Music