With all the amazing new features, styles, instruments, and add-ons released each year, it can be difficult to know what you already have and what your best upgrade options are. Here are some basic tips to help you make your upgrade decisions. 

What do I own?

Upgrade pricing is based on the version (year) of the program you currently own. If you aren't sure what year your program is, you can open Band-in-a-Box® and go to About Band-in-a-Box to find out. In the Windows version, this option is found in the Help drop down menu. In the Mac version it is listed under the Band-in-a-Box drop down menu. 

If you aren't sure what package you ordered, you can log into your account at www.pgmusic.com and click on My Products to see your recent orders. This is a newer feature on the website, so any orders older than 2014 will not be listed.  

If you don't see products listed in your online account, can't find a receipt with purchase description, or don't have discs you can check for a description, please just contact us directly! We are happy to look up your order history and make individualized upgrade suggestions.  You can call our sales line at 1-800-268-6272 or email us at sales@pgmusic.com

What add-ons do I have?

There are many different add-on options such as individual RealTrack sets, Bonus 49PAK's, and Xtra Style PAK's.

If you want to see which RealTrack sets are currently installed, go to "What add-ons do I have" in Band-in-a-Box®. This is found under the Help drop down menu.  


You can see a list of all the RealTracks currently available for purchase online here: WINDOWS or MAC

In 2015 we started releasing limited time Bonus 49PAKs which contain unreleased RealStyles and RealTracks. You can see the latest Bonus 49PAK here: WINDOWS or MAC

In 2016 we started releasing Xtra Styles PAKs which contain additional RealStyles for our UltraPAK (previously called UltraPlusPAK), UltraPAK+ (previously called EverythingPAK), and Audiophile customers. You can see all available Xtra Styles PAKs here: WINDOWS or MAC

To find out which Bonus 49PAKs or Xtra Style PAKs you own, either check the My Products section of your online account or contact us directly. 

I own a Band-in-a-Box® Pro or MegaPAK and want to upgrade to EVERYTHING you have to offer!

The most cost effective upgrade option for Band-in-a-Box® users would be the newest Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK plus the All Xtra Styles PAK bundle.  

We also offer Video RealTrack Sets which you can add-on to your package from here: WINDOWS  MAC

I own the previous Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK (AKA UltraPlusPAK) or Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK+ (AKA EverythingPAK) and want to upgrade, what are my options?

The Band-in-a-Box® PlusPAK is a perfect expansion package for customers who purchased the previous year Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK or UltraPAK+ and do not want another external hard drive. This package contains the latest feature updates as well as the newest RealTracks. You would install the Band-in-a-Box PlusPAK directly into your previous Band-in-a-Box® folder
(either on your external Band-in-a-Box® hard drive or computer's internal drive).

*This package does not contain any of the Bonus 49PAK material or Xtra Styles PAKs. 

If you want a brand new hard drive, with everything pre-installed for you, you would purchase the Band-in-a-Box UltraPAK or UltraPAK+ upgrade instead. 

I own a previous Band-in-a-Box Pro or MegaPAK and just want a program upgrade - new add-ons are not required.

If you are just interested in the newest features but don't need more styles/instruments, go with the Band-in-a-Box Pro upgrade. If you want to increase your style and RealTrack library, upgrade to an UltraPAK or UltraPAK+!

You can see all upgrade packages and prices here:


Still aren't sure what to order? Please don't hesitate to contact us directly at 1-800-268-6272 or internationally at +800-4746-8742. You can also chat with us over Live Help or email us at sales@pgmusic.com!

Alyssa - PG Music