Customers LOVE the NEW Xtra Styles PAK 6!

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"I can't get enough of the Xtra Styles!"
"These RealStyles are phenomenal!!"
"These are AWESOME!"
"Gypsy Jazz? Yippee!"
"I want them ALL!"
"The Country Xtra Styles are perfect for my songs!"
"Everyone should have these!"

There are 162 more RealStyles now available with Xtra Styles PAK 6 for Band-in-a-Box® 2018 or newer - that means there are more than 900 RealStyles available with Xtra Styles PAKs 1-6!

We're having a SALE! During the month of December, purchase Xtra Styles PAK 6 for just $29! (reg. $49) In fact, each Volume (6 total) is available for just $29 each - we're also offering a special price for a purchase of ALL Volumes 1-6 - for just $159 you can receive ALL 900+ RealStyles!

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