This forum is for discussions about the DAW plugin included with Band-in-a-Box® for Mac.

We have a Band-in-a-Box® DAW Plugin support page here:

The Band-in-a-Box Plugin is separate from the Band-in-a-Box® application and works directly inside your DAW (GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, Digital Performer, Ableton, PreSonus, etc.) The Plugin uses the content (RealTracks, Styles, etc.) present in your normal Band-in-a-Box folder to generate audio or MIDI tracks that you can then drag/drop from the Plugin into your DAW.

There are three types of plugin files included: Audio Units (AU), VST3, and AAX. The plugin types share the same features. Which type you'll use partly depends on what your DAW supports (for example, GarageBand only supports AU plugins, while Pro Tools has it's own AAX plugin format, and many other programs support VST).

We have some quickstart tutorials and DAW-specific videos here (and we are adding more):

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