Did you know that with the Automatic Intro Generation feature, you can specify the "whole band" or "drums only" or "bass and drums only" to play the intro?

Access this feature by choosing the [Song Form] toolbar button and select Generate Intro from the pull-down menu. (You can also select menu Edit | Song Form | Intro Bars.) There, you'll see all the different options available:

[(Re)-Generate Intro Chords] - Pressing this button will insert or replace an intro in the song, with the given settings.

Chord Types - You can choose between Jazz and Pop styles of chords.

Intro Length (bars) - This sets the duration of the intro to 2, 4, or 8 bars.

Starting chord (after intro) is - This setting assures the generated intro smoothly transitions into the song.

[Remove Intro] - Pressing this button removes the intro.

Pedal Bass - Inserts a pedal bass figure throughout the intro.

Use Maj7 instead of Maj6 - Choose between using Maj7 or Maj6 chords.

Instruments - You can have the intro be played by the whole band, drum only, or bass and drum only.

Read more about this feature in Chapter 9 of our Online Program Manual, here.
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