Did you know... when you open Band-in-a-Box®, you're using a program with more than 30 years 'experience'! With each new version, typically released annually, there are at least 50 new features and enhancements - it can be hard to keep track of what was added when!

We've made it easy to learn about any of the features easily with our new Features Browser, where you simply select the [?] button at the top of the main screen, or press the / Enter while in the chord sheet to open the Feature Browser window, and type in your feature keyword! For example: type in "Shot" and the steps for specifying a chord as a shot will be displayed, with additional buttons to choose the online program manual topic or watch the support video explaining the feature! Read more about using this feature here.
Mac users click here for your manual.

Plus, if you read through the "Features" contents within the program help file you'll be able to look over each new release all the way back to version 7!

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