Just added to Band-in-a-Box 2021® for Windows... NEW FREE BONUS REQUESTED half-time / double-time variation styles!

  • 64 new RealStyles.
  • variations of existing 16th-based bluegrass.
  • variations of existing celtic and train beat styles.
  • new styles with both 8th-based and 16th variations.
  • 16th-based samba variations.
  • 55 new half-time/double-time RealTracks variations.
  • 14 new 8ths/16ths RealDrums variations.

We've put this video together to describe this new content:

With the latest update, you can now access the "Transpose by Semitones" option or "Erase Track" without leaving the Utility track menu, and we've added 2 new additional Feel filters for the Style Picker - 8th (Even 8th or Swing 8th), Swing (Swing 8th or Swing 16th). The DAW Plugin has been updated with an option to "use high-quality tempo stretching, a new button (C7) that allows you to export chords from the MIDI file into the DAW, and more!

Learn more about the updates added with Band-in-a-Box® Version 2021 Build 809.

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