To Acidize the above loops set Acidizer to Disk-Based > Tempo and key,
drag all the loops in with the same key then Acidize them, close Acidizer then do the same with the next key.

Here's Chillout UserTracks made with the above free loops.
Chillout 01 Ev16 4-4 90bpm.rar
Chillout 01 Ev16 4-4 90bpm Demo.mp3
You can open the rar with 7zip and drag the folders out into bb\RealTracks\UserTracks
put the _CHILOUT.STY in your bb\Styles folder
If you want to see how to make them here's the Reaper Chillout 01 Ev16 4-4 90bpm Project when you open these point them to the musicradar-chillout-samples folders.

Acid Tool for Reaper

Free Acidizer