Here's some free multitrack drums @ 24bit 48khz, the only issue PG has never heard of this quality so you will need to down sample to 16bit 44.1khz otherwise you will just get noise and distortion.
These can be made into UserTrack Drums just using the stereo track or Making RealDrums Styles with Band-in-a-Box® using the stems.
Stylemaking templates for RealDrums developers (< 1 MB)
These are text files that can be used as a template or starting point for making your own RealDrums styles. The Band-in-a-Box and PowerTracks help files have details about how to use the template - see the help file topic "Tutorial - Making RealDrums Styles". Note: RealDrums wave files must be 16/44.1 files.

You can do the same with other multitrack drums from other sites like or
Here are some examples you can go by to create your own RealDrumStems
StripperStyleSw8^ RealDrums Stems 10
FunkMultiSw16 RealDrums Stems
You can download the youtube mp4 videos of them and have video drums also.
You can open in any DAW if you don't have Pro Tools.

Here are a selection of Multi Track Drums for FREE.

All the grooves can be downloaded as multi-tracks with the original ProTools Session file. You can take the multi-track stems and then process them however you want within your mix.

The videos have been mixed with specific EQ, compression, effects, etc..
All tracks have typically 12 microphones, with close mics on all drums, and Stereo room mics, and stereo Overhead mics.

These tracks are royalty free and you can use them in your own compositions.

I am still only part way through uploading tracks..... Apologies that there is not much here yet. But more on the way..

If you want to credit please do... :-)

For Custom Made Drum Tracks click here.

Here's some templates to make it easier.
There are SEQ RealBand templates,
There are Midi marker templates that will show what section go where for the RealDrum txt file template.
You can adjust them to any tempo then just drag the drum track sections in then render a stereo track and all the stems to individual files.

There are templates with shots so you can use a single hits from the stems to create these.
Now we should see some users upload some drums to the UserTrack Forum (instead of me for years n years uploading stuff frown ).

In \bb\Data\DrumGrooveNames.txt you can add the variations info:
1*SideStick, HiHat @Kick is played on the beat with the sidestick playing on
the eighth note with a hihat playing throughout
2*Snare @Kick is played on the beat with the snare playing on the eighth
note with a hihat playing throughout
3*Ride @Kick is played on the beat with the snare playing on the eighth note
with a ride playing throughout