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How do I select a style?

To select a style in Band-in-a-Box, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the StylePicker window. You can do this by clicking on the [Style] button.

2. In the StylePicker window, you will see a list of styles. You can use the various columns to filter and sort the styles based on your preferences. For example, you can filter by genre, tempo, or key.

3. To select a style, simply click on the style name in the list. This will highlight the style and provide you with information about the style, such as genre, tempo, and feel.

4. If you want to preview the style before selecting it, you can double-click on the style name to play a pre-made demo.

5. Once you have found the style you want, click the "OK" button to select it and apply it to your song.

Note: If you are missing a particular style, Band-in-a-Box will show you alternative styles that you have that can be good substitutes. You can also use the StylePicker to browse similar styles and find the best substitute for the missing style.

For more detailed information and visual references, you can refer to the Band-in-a-Box user manual, specifically Chapter 6: Making Songs.

What if I don't like that style, can I change it after?

Yes, you can change the style if you don't like the one you selected. In Band-in-a-Box, you can change the style by opening the StylePicker window and selecting a different style from the list. Additionally, you can also change the style at a specific bar by opening the Edit Settings for Current Bar dialog and selecting a new style.

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