Read all about the 50+ newest features in Band-in-a-Box® 2024 for Mac®, or you can watch our video "Band-in-a-Box® 2024 for Mac®: Over 50 New Features and Enhancements!" to see it in action!

Table of Contents:
00:23 Brief overview of new content
05:58 quick look at major new features
08:03 brief overview of how Band-in-a-Box works
09:55 Major New Feature: The Tracks Window!
10:53 Tracks Window: edit phrases & loops
17:47 Tracks Window: looping phrases
21:12 Chord Progression Builder
32:20 MultiPicker Library Window
37:08 Faster Generations and Renders
38:58 MultiPicker: Floating Window
39:31 MultiPicker: Song Titles Filter for RealTracks, RealDrums, etc.
41:38 MultiPicker: Partial Regeneration
44:37 MultiPicker: Patial Generation for ALL track types
45:10 MultiPicker: Set Favorites for ALL track types
45:22 MultiPicker: MIDI Tracks added
46:59 MultiPicker: Soloist easier to use
47:57 MultiPicker: Soloist Demos
49:47 MultiPicker: Melodist Demos
54:19 MultiPicker: Remembered Style
54:45 LyricLab support
56:58 Floating Windows Everywhere!
57:22 Floating Bar Settings Dialog
58:15: Floating Chord Options Dialog
58:48 Shots, Rests, Holds for Utility Tracks
1:01:25 DAW Plugin Version 6
1:02:05 DAW Plugin: instant playback in stylepicker
1:03:24 DAW Plugin: play chordsheet chords from stylepicker
1:05:09 DAW Plugin: render tracks directly in stylepicker
1:07:50 DAW Plugin: load chords from MIDI files
1:08:22 DAW Plugin: shots, rests, holds for utility tracks