I've noticed that many of the writer's criticisms have popped up on these forums over the years. As Ray says, some bear thinking about. To my mind, others seem to show that the writer does not fully appreciate just how inherently complex Music is.

I've reflected on the above complexity many times since first buying BIAB in 2007 and I believe that PG Music have managed to cater to both professional and novice with their programs. BIAB engages users on many levels. I cannot see how it's possible to simplify BIAB without losing functionality simply because music is such a complex thing. The fact that there is no other program on the market that does what BIAB/RB does as comprehensively as what BIAB/RB does is worth noting. I suspect that the really big names have thought about it but have found it too hard to accomplish what PG Music has at a reasonable price.

Just my tuppence worth!

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