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I have long thought that this forum, helpful though it has been, is PG's worst enemy. I sincerely hope that PG are not listening only to this forum when deciding how to bring BIAB into the 21st century. Ironically, many long time forum members are the least qualified to advise PG.

although that is a hard pill to swallow, I agree 100%, Tony!

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My big worry for the company's future is this forum. It's like an old folks home around here. Ok, I'll say mostly, I know there's a few regulars who are under 50 but not many. What must a 30 year old who happens to find this place who knows nothing about the program think when most of the threads are about 50 year old tunes and people talking about nursing home gigs? I fear PG won't survive in the long run if they don't modernize for the younger crowd and it starts with the look.

I am in the 50+ club too but as a software developer for 35 years I appreciate good-looking as well as high-functioning software! I have several 30-something friends who are great musicians and songwriters and they LOVE modern DAW software and tools like GarageBand...when I show them BIAB or this forum they find it to be "ugly", "old", "outdated" and so on.

and maybe it is their loss but it is also PG Music's loss too!

and to anyone who dismisses great GUI as just fluff you are sorely mistaken! great GUI makes for a better, more efficient workflow. saves you time and effort. lets you finish your project quicker. and when it is a joy to use you smile more during production and that always helps too!

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