Here is my preferences for any software application:

First, stability! I don't want buggy and crashes. Based on my experience with BIAB I give it a B+ rating on this criteria, and that ain't bad.

Second, features! It has to do what it claims to do and is the reason I bought it. Here BAIB gets an A. Let me add, absolutely nothing on the market comes close to doing what this program does.

Third, Cost! I have to be able to afford it. This is a tough one to rate as it is hard to put a value on this, other than to compare to other software I purchase. Given that it is generally at the upper end of my pain threshold for computer software I would give it a C for a first time purchase. However, since I get each upgrade and the cost is much less I would give it a B.

Finally, appearance and workflow. I think the entire discussion to date is related to what I consider the least important criteria. So I will generally agree with the masses and give a rating of C-. A spiffy GUI would increase the rating greatly. And workflow is extremely important when comparing one application to another, however given that there is no other application to compare this to, it becomes a moot point.

So overall a strong B. So until someone can beat that I continue to purchase the yearly upgrades.

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