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Biggest problem I see is you(users) need have some amount of music background, and also computer/technical savy. Also a strong desire to dig, try, read, listen and pursue what PG Music has presented to us.

Agree with FrankB, and let me point out that as my avatar say, I'm no expert here and do not pretend to be one, but I'm not sure what the obsession with "modernizing" the interface is. Heck, there are certain software interfaces that are not really intuitive at all, and yet they may be perceived to be very "modern". Some music software out there are far more expensive than BIB for what they offer on their "upgrades or updates" which often times are not free or discounted at all. I think that BIB is very vast on what it does and takes a lot of time to fully comprehend (if that is possible with any piece of software). I often times see people in this forum whom are labeled as experts' veterans and so on (nothing wrong with that) which from time to time seem to "discover" stuff that BIB is able to do, that makes me feel real good indeed because I realize then that "I'm not the only one". I for once, prefer the money to go onto new features, RT's, and thing like that. That's where BIB really shines!

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