Nice work on the tune... good playing.

I like the chord progressions used.

On the production.... just my thoughts...

The mix seems to be "full" and "heavy" sounding. Mostly, as I hear it, from perhaps overuse of compression on one hand and a muddled EQ setting(s) on the other.

It sounds really heavy in the low mids. Try cutting the lows and the mids a bit to thin it out and make it sound cleaner. This might be solved with a master bus EQ or perhaps by working the EQ in the tracks that are in that frequency band. Remember that things tend to be additive in mixing. If the bass is full, you will need to cut everything else in it's freq range or you end up with other things stepping on it's toes and muddling up the mix.

I listen on cheap computer speakers and the bass is booming on these little cones.

Try cutting the lows below 80hz to 100hz on the guitar, as it sounds good, but is a bit muddy and indistinct in the mix. A solo guitar should stand out clearly in the mix since it's the featured instrument. But don't use volume alone to get it there.

Yup... you have a little bit of work to do IMHO....

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