I really liked what I heard of your song! (I didn't make it all the way through... not for lack of interest, but because of technical difficulties on my end. )

what I liked:
1) excellent topic! (and well developed)
2) Chord progression was very nice.. not the usual minimalist set. Transitions were logical and pleasant
3) use of real tracks was very good! I liked the instruments you chose and how you wove them all together

nothing that can't be explained away by a condition I have: "Grumpy old man-ness"

You've posted several songs recently, and I'd say you are clearly a talented guy with a lot to offer this little community of friends and partners in creative crime. Regarding backups, the way to go is any of the online backup sites. They're relatively inexpensive, they never ever crash, your files will outlast all of your future computers and probably you too.

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