Pretty much AAA. It was one of my early compositions, which tended to be that way.

I got a comment on it on YouTube, the original "just me and the guitar" version that said "you might have something here if you could maybe give it a middle 8".

I knew it was a very repetitive song. All I had managed to do to try to address that at all was to change the melody at the beginning of what sort of comes off as a "bridge" in this version, and I had one "instrumental" break which consisted of me strumming the chord riff that goes through the whole song. Which is about all I can do very well on a guitar. Pretty boring.

I did a second version a few years ago where I'd played a finger-pattern track over the strumming and programmed the midi drums in Reaper and it sounded better, but not up to my more recent productions of songs with Band in a Box - which I only bought a year ago.

What Band in a Box allowed me to do was to add a bass, a real guitar solo, piano, some backing vocals, and I also replaced my finger-pattern picking with someone who can actually play one well, consistently. I also added a second instrumental break to help break it up even more

So the song is AAA-AA'A-A

In short, BIAB took a song that was a pretty good idea, but not very interesting-sounding overall, and let me turn it into something that people actually seem to enjoy. Good enough. Like most of my songs, they are pretty personal, and I just want to give them the best treatment I can give them to put on a CD.