Way To A Woman's Heart

This seems to be my third song this year on this forum with 'woman' in the title. Pure coincidence, but tells where my inspiration has come from lately smile

I have had a vocaloid version of this on soundcloud for couple of years, but now I have finally sung it myself. The original arrangement sounded bit harsh so I had to find a softer but still rocking instruments. I was happy to find the combination of PopPepSquad drums and baritone guitars, BIAB fulfilled my wishes once again smile Unfortunately the baritone guitars don't have nice-sounding holds so I had to use filling guitars for those parts.

RealDrums: PopPepSquad

Electric bass #995
Baritone guitars #2499, #3164
Electric guitars #632, (hold #996 & #2352)
Electric guitar soloist #1722
Sax Tenor #715
Organ #671

MIDI: guitar riff (ST3)

Vocals by me

Mixed in Cakewalk by Bandlab


Alone licking all my wounds
trying to figure out
what I did and
what you cried about.
You have faked your pain
I was fooled again
just like a lab mouse in your surveys
been running in your maze.

On the way to a woman's heart
each mile has left a trace
all my clothes are torn
blood stains on my face.
The way to a woman's heart
is way too long
I'm lost at every crossroad
I have always chosen wrong.

Alone fallen one more time
a jungle in the dark
on your trail
there's no signpost to your spark.
Never felt the beat
never tasted sweet
you kept a distance from my glances
you never gave me a chance.

On the way...

I have never reached my destination
frustrated on the path overgrown
always halfway there
not even halfway there.

On the way...


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